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  1. Looking to hire a firewood Processor with a operator for a day near Salisbury
  2. we have a john deere 6230 at work and it just big enough for a 8 ton trailer let a lone a 10 ton trailer and that drinks. but they are smart if you them clean :-D
  3. joe457


    ok now that to much but how about compact tractor about 50hp ? and offer a services to smaller tree segons for carting timber and woodchip 5 or 6 ton is better than what cab star or transit can carry ?
  4. forestry is hard but more fun
  5. joe457


    need some ideas then plz
  6. joe457


    like hedges cutting and verge mowing for a tractor
  7. joe457


    no not yet but am looking in to it and I like to do reach mowing and carting timber and wood chiping but other then that I not to shore but I am open to ideas if any one has any ?
  8. joe457


    ok fair enough :-) I think they look really smart and they get the job done. because nothing run like a deere :-P
  9. joe457


    why do you say that ??
  10. joe457


    thank you I am think a bout a 100 hp john deere so what tasks are they for tractors to do then ?
  11. joe457


    if you were to hire in a tractor and operator for the day what work for ?
  12. <p>thank you</p>

  13. htb


    <p>HI Joe, you have posted in employment and people cannot post a reply,hence my pm.</p>

    <p>I have hired in a 190 hp JD, front mounted flail mower and operator to cut large area of a BBC transmission compound.It was 5-6 yrs ago and £50 +vat per Hr. Try reposting in another category other than employment and you will get more replies.</p>

    <p>Cheers David</p>


  14. hi I am looking in to setting up a contracting business. so I am asking if anyone hires in tractor and operator and what sort of size tractor hp ?
  15. <p>dose any one know any think about biomass and is they any money in it</p>


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