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  1. Hi Jamie, visit our website Lochnagar Crater - The Official Site and take a look at the 'friends' page regards Bob from FoL
  2. Some may remember our group of volunteers who maintain a ww1 site in france sought a chipper. Ty came, what a great bloke, a credit to you all. in a weekend he did what would have taken us weeks, a big public thank you to Stuart. If you want to see where he was take a look at Lochnagar Crater - The Official Site
  3. Hi Folks thanks Ty, we are a group of volunteers who give up our spare time to maintain this site, no one gets paid in fact we all contribute to it. It was bought about thirty years ago to stop it becoming landfill, the policy is ' No profit ever has or will be made' It was formed on July 1st 1916, the worst day in the history of the British Army, when 20,000 men climbed out the trenches and walked to their death. It's very popular with UK kids studying the Great War, for it shows clearly the devastation man made. For fuller info Google Lochnagar Crater Although our funds are limited we would not expect anyone to be out of pocket and would pay fuel costs etc. We tend to eat at a local French restaurant and of course you would be welcome to eat wth us for free. Our intention was to use the Sat and Sunday to get the timber to the edge of the site and Monday chip it up. We usually have a band of Air Cadets who come over from the UK to provide muscle. Hope thats enough info to give you an idea of what we need, thanks again Bob
  4. Hi, thanks for replies. I'm not sure what the normal rate for a day is, perhaps someone could give me a clue? Chipper would need to cope with up to about 15cm To be honest I don't think its worth someone UK based looking at it due to ferry costs etc. hoping to find a forum member who is in France
  5. Hi, We are a group who maintain a First World War Site on The Somme. Looking for a man and chipper to work with us for a day or two over the late May Bank Holiday. Fascinating place to work, Anyone interested ? Bob


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