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  1. We still require a groundsman, experience not essential and training can be provided. Regards
  2. Hi There, We are looking for a groundsman to assist with tree work in south Birmingham. Experience is not necessary but is a bonus. Contact Jol on 07855484359
  3. I contacted Ian Morgan today and they said they will run a course, will soon get a date if anyone in the Midlands is interested.
  4. Where are you planning on doing it? Struggling to find a trainer in the Midlands.
  5. I have the caratool on my right hand side but the saw is clipped in right in the middle of the harness as you are limited with places on the treemotion.
  6. I have one Steve and have been using one for the past month or so. And... It great. Pros - I couldn't imagine going back to an old traditional bungee strop, the extra reach is a real advantage on the treemotion with the anchor point being on the middle of the back (green ring). It coils up shorter than the stein bungee strop so the extra length is there if you need it and not there if you don't. - It has a few ways of attaching to a top handle, you can clip a carabiner on to the end of the strop and then onto the rear ring of the top handle, my favorite. Or you can choke it directly onto the top handle of the saw, I have yet to try this, the advantage of this being that is hangs higher when short clipped. - I use a large caratool with the gate removed and the hook cut off, this creates a smooth one handed action for both removal and stowing. - The elastic spring is just right, not enough to feel like your pulling against it, but enough for it to quickly retract out of the way. - I would say it gets caught up less than a normal strop due to its smaller retracted length, although when it does get caught it goes on for miles! The cons: - When sending the saw aloft you need to either directly tie the climbing line to the saw or use the same carabiner connecting the strop to the top handle ring. Due to the fact that being 2.2m long you end up having to pull for longer and then make sure the strop isn't twisted and is a pain as it can get caught up in the rope. This is alright if you work with only one or two groundies but it you work for a few companies it feels condescending telling someone how to clip on a chainsaw!!! - When reaching over your harness because of its coiled shape it can get caught on a piece of the harness or other hardware edge and this limits the reach, a quick pull will sort this out but can be annoying for that one quick cut. - Again being 2.2m long you NEED to have it short clipped, ie. clipped onto your harness will a caratool or other accessory carabiner so that it hangs directly off your harness, letting it dangle below you would be a pain and this is not the tool for you. Overall, if you dont tend to cut through your strops then buy it you wont be disappointed. If you do then stay with the five quid webbing. Jack
  7. You might as well stop now as it is clearly F3:D
  8. Dmm have just released a possible recall on some carabiners, the serial numbers need checking as lucky it is not a blanket recall! http://dmmclimbing.com/news/2015/09/important-dmm-product-safety-warning/
  9. Cheers for the response looks like a stihl then!
  10. Now the new 201 TC-M has been out for a few months, how is it? I like the power of the T540xp but don't like the build quality, the fact that the choke is in a different location to the on off switch and the that it goes cold quickly. I prefer the build quality and design of the 201 but hate that its gutless. So whats the new TC-M like on power and throttle response? I was leaning towards the stihl due to good early reviews but now FR Jones have thrown a spanner in the mix selling the T540xp for £470 and the local prices for the stihl are £550. What the best option? Cheers Jack
  11. If you click create new library - online catalogue and then in the drop down box select other - there should be a template called BS5837. This is a quick one that I put together and so you can customise it when needed. Thanks Jack
  12. Just having a quick play around with it and for a student who justs wants to have a mess around its perfect! It uploads to a spreadsheet so saves time, can be used offline and is easy to customize. As said before the only problem is mapping, you can map onto a google map but you need internet and the detail is not great, if uploaded to a spreadsheet then it does come out with the co ordinates in a column but they are useless on there own, unless you want to copy and paste them into google maps for every tree! Thanks Jack
  13. What app is that Owen? Thanks Jack Mitchell
  14. You can get a yearly subscribtion to OS Getamap you have unlimited free A4 printing of OS maps or a less detailed overview map. Worth a look Thanks Jack Mitchell


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