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  1. Sorted, well done Steve
  2. Pathetic workrate of rail arb gang

    Not on a possession or a block which is when most of the productive work takes place. Sighting distance! Had it once or twice when trains were running and it had to be a pea souper. Good things come............. to an end
  3. Pathetic workrate of rail arb gang

    Are you link up approved Joel or sponsored by the likes of Qts, homegrown, ground control etc. I've worked on it, NR day works and price work. Getting up at the crack of dawn to travel two hours to a site, leaving home at half 11 to do a nightshift and sacrificing your weekend to do a sat night shift. Working away! Yeah cushy number pal.
  4. Climber needed in rochdale tomorow

    Springhead really Gary, but yeah over in Rochdale today. Over trousers, waterproofs and warming my hands on the chipper exhaust. Grim! Keep smiling
  5. bowl turning thread

    Impressed with that John :-)
  6. Looking for Contacts

    Available from Tuesday
  7. Looking for Contacts

    Evening Arbtalkers Currently looking for contacts to subcontract to on a regular basis in the North West. Coming up to four years' experience on the saws and in the process of building up my own work. Unfortunately I'm not busy enough to purely rely / depend on this so I'm hoping to find someone who I can subcontract to on a regular basis. Based in Oldham I will travel up to an hour to a job site or yard. Please contact either via PM or email, neilbuckley82@gmail.com in the first instance. Thanks for reading Neil
  8. I am back

    Sorry to hear about that Andy, glad you are on the mend
  9. Available North West

    Self-employed groundsman/climber available from Tuesday 2/12/14 covering the north west area. Contact Neil on 07592 317 941 (no pm please as limited internet access)
  10. Available this Thursday

    Available this Thursday 16/10 in the North West Contact Neil on 07592 317 941 or alternatively pm for more information
  11. Climbing devices

    I bought a zig zag and tachyon at the apf. Easy to use and it rocks for moving and descending. I wouldn't go back to a prusik now.
  12. Tesco going down what do you all think thanks

    If you could get that badger spit onto the spirits aisle jon would that change your opinion?
  13. Room in your tent sir?!

    Haha, no mate keep hold of that until you find another nice tree for me to work on
  14. Room in your tent sir?!

    I think Pete has found a couple but yeah that'd be great Paul, just in case. Cheers
  15. Room in your tent sir?!

    Sorted Pete, vehicle is fully loaded now. Plenty of cider and a pop up tent, I don't fancy that idea Paul. Mind you, not got any tent pegs so it might blow away anyhow!


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