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  1. Circular Saw Blade Sharpening Dorset

    Hiya davenport saws in Yeovil are ideal
  2. Dorset county show

    Hiya I'll be there tomorrow, looks like the weather will be good, were you their today?
  3. Several questions for all you business owners...

    Count me in mate
  4. Loppers/long handled pruner

    hi mate very expensive but we use the silky long reach loppers and had them 7 years and are better than the rest but expensive!
  5. All kit stolen

    hi all really sorry to hear and read about all the people who have gear nicked it seems to be every day a way of making it harder for the low life sum to more the gear on i was told by an American friend with experience is to paint the plastic on your saws with your own colour or design i guess even if it wad to be poker dots! apparently there is a hard to move paint on the market, just an idea,
  6. what size trailer do you use?

    hiya i have a 10 by 6 ivor Williams pulled behind a vw transporter which is a not ideal on heavy loads but the trailer travels well
  7. Undercut by a pro today

    i,ll call her and say i,d be there in a few weeks to recut the hedge and tidy to a hedge again i,ll post tomorrow her answer
  8. Undercut by a pro today

    i quoted a hedge cutting job 2 weeks ago it was a reasonable price £120 for 5 hours trimming and taking a trailer load away didn't get the job, i was working across the road today and 2 "pros" in there vests and transit van with an Irish twang cutting the conifer hedge top and sides with chainsaws totally butchered the poor hedge! just got home a message from the wife the lady wants me to quote to tidy the hedge up i think not!
  9. <p>any ideas, new van wanted so vw transporter or transit?</p>

  10. All done with a billhook!

    Lovely hedge nice if customers allow and pay for proper job!
  11. Dry patch on `Box` type bush

    Hi mate looks to me like box blight which isn,t good as sprays don,t seem to work!
  12. advice on pole saws?

    Would you advice to go for a new stihl pole saw or secondhand as i,d only be using it a few times every few weeks?
  13. advice on pole saws?

    I,m wanting to buy a pole saw for hedge topping and general use, anyone got any models ti go for?


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