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  1. kier

    which pole saw

    I run milwaukee 18vdrills etc so it would have to fit that system if I went elect
  2. kier

    which pole saw

    looking at stihl 103/133 at £600+ is there a cheaper alternative thats any good and I can get spares for it when needed and would it be better to get the 36cc or25cc , I would want the telescopic though I only use it for one or two days a year approximately have been looking at the second hand market but not found anything yet thanks in advance
  3. which tripod ladder to buy 12/14' for pruning tall xmas trees, are Hendon ladders any good ?
  4. kier

    stihl ms391 ignition

    thanks spud , I have some feeler gauges
  5. kier

    stihl ms391 ignition

    the part arrived today and it fitted and the chainsaw now works , the spark looks a bit weak, does it make a difference what the gap is between the flywheel and the ignition unit its about 1mm at the moment
  6. kier

    stihl ms391 ignition

    mine is a 2011 would that make any difference
  7. I have a ms 391 and the spark has gone , I diagnose it as the coil having given up , seems I can only get an original part from Germany at £52 . 90 odd here , but there is a ms361 part that looks identical (£14) , my question is has anyone fitted the 361 part on a 391 otherwise its been reliable
  8. If you dont take them back try vaseline I use it on leather DMs worked all last Nov/ Dec feet stayed dry
  9. I would like to know where you got it from too please
  10. looking for ideas for a tool carrier to take with me in the field to put on the tractor or trailer, at the moment I use a 99p bucket but its messy and all the tools lay at the bottom and can't tell if anything is missing, pics would be good please
  11. well that was the first thing I did today was to find my sharpener that sits on the saw and you can set all the correct angles to get it right , but I do agree corect sharpening is the most important thing
  12. Yes perhaps a muffler mod would the trick thinking of gettng a rev counter are the cheap ones on ebay any good? then it would be easy to see what was making a difference
  13. Hi the stihl is 1 year old not had a lot of use by the look of it I have a compression tester and will try to see if it fits Im near Sevenoaks


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