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  1. Work in Jersey Channel Islands

    Hi Does anybody know what firms are recruiting in jersey ci? cheers. hazelnut
  2. How would one proceed towards adjusting valve gaps on such a small engine? Cheers Matt gd
  3. Hi guys, Client has just given me his newish looking '4 stroke' Honda hedge trimmer to look at,as it conks out quite regularly when turned on either side I am totally unfamiliar with this new 4 stroke tech.:-) Is it really a small 4 stroke engine? Does anyone know if these new Honda machines have issues as I had to take a look at a Honda strimmer which also had issues.the build quality seems quite low. Cheers Hazelnut in kent
  4. Norway or germany?

    Hi Alex,have you worked there or Germany & who are acrobat? Could you recommend many firm? Thanks Matt
  5. Norway or germany?

    Can anybody advise on their experiences of working in Norway or Germany as I have heard it can be worthwhile? Many thanks Matt G
  6. tree work in australia

    Hi I could do with some good advice about working in Australia,regarding visas and trustworthy firms or websites. Thanks....mg
  7. hi i have just purchased an old 066 with plenty of grunt but it seems to destroy the plastic roll cage bearing in the clutch/brake drum which are made out of plastic ! and after reving the saw up it always blitzs them.are they all made from plastic now.maybe i shouldnt put red grease on them when they are new. i have a original part being sent to my local dealer but some of their staff agree it will be a plastic cage with metal rollers.it seems to fit nicely but the old 066 screams through timber.any ideas how i could stop this problem..cheer ,matt hazelnut tree care east kent
  8. High Lift Wedge homemade replacement shafts?

    i live in a hornbeam woods so have plenty of that,i like the hazel burring over metal ring and cherry ideas.will try them and let you know.holly is also rock hard as ive had a load for burning a season ago.lovely grain pattern.
  9. Timberwolf 2004 TW150 DHB stalls after revving

    hi ive just serviced the machine with all new kubota parts.the hydraulic tank air filter and hyd oil filter were in awful condition and the in-line fuel filter was a non genuine cheapy which looked like it wasnt ever holding enough fuel anyway the original filter looks pukka and has fuel allround it.if it still does it i will then go through the electrical switches one by one..
  10. i am trying to make my own wooden shafts for my 3 x wedges,i tried elm and it dried out to a very light shaft and snapped...any idea what i could use here in the uk,maybe ash? does anybody know what the original wooden shafts are made from? i know i could buy the shafts but i like to make my own wooden bits n bobs..
  11. husqvarna 575xp conks out when in use

    any ideas where i can get parts instead of randys repair shop in the states..? gonna try the coil and tank breather..
  12. Seasoning question

    i had a large dying robinia once for firewood and ended up with over a ton or two of rubbish stem/cord wood.it dried to a very light wood like eucalyptus and wasnt too good for burning either..other people have said to me they thought it was ok but i wouldnt use it for firewood again.maybe for bulking out loads.it does have a lovely deep unusual colour and i think would be well worth milling or sanding down..
  13. ARRGH!! Thieving Low Life Cretins

    sorry to hear abt the theft...w**k*rs! i use a long quality motorcycle chain when leaving gear in my landy.locked up to a solid part of the truck,never overnite though. i know other guys who have had gear nicked from the back of the trucks when in slow traffic so we always secure the tools together with tool strops/lanyard/karabiner..
  14. Timberwolf 2004 TW150 DHB stalls after revving

    whats the 'hold in coil' and where is it on a 2004 machine? thanks matt hazelnuttreecare
  15. Timberwolf 2004 TW150 DHB stalls after revving

    thanks for your help so far chaps...


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