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  1. Beginner needing help with basic maintenance on 550xpg

    Ah, had that problem myself for a bit with the grease gun that was included- nothing a bit of hot water & brute force couldn't solve though! And don't forget- it's a freebie anyway!!
  2. Beginner needing help with basic maintenance on 550xpg

    Oops... Why's that Eddy? Is the standard bearing grease supplied with Huskys not suitable for greasing the needle bearings/nose sprocket?
  3. Handcutters wanted x2

    PM sent
  4. Planting on almost solid rock!

    I'd think your best chance would be to go with a pioneer species, something that is already abundant in the area? Birch or rowan for higher ground, Alder for wet sites, aspen might also be a possibility.
  5. What next?

    Brilliant, thanks for the suggestions Paul! My driving test is coming up shortly, so fingers crossed on that front. I'm currently volunteering with Scottish Natural Heritage, and have been gaining conservation/saw experience for the past 4 months or so with them- great fun, but looking to go into something with a wage now! I've been with the Red Cross & Scottish Ambulance Service for the past 4 years, so I've got more first aid tickets than a man should ever need! The chipper ticket was one I'd been looking at- is there any course in particular that's considered better than others? (Lantra/NPTC?) I'd also looked at doing my CS38- would that be something worthwhile at this stage, or would it be better to stick with the CS32 & chipper courses to start with? Cheers for the help! Ben
  6. What next?

    Hi all, I'm a new Forestry graduate who's sick of the books, & looking to get more hands-on work in the big wide yonder. I've got my CS30/31 (+1st aid certs & all PPE) and am doing some part-time felling/groundwork at present, but looking at going into arb full time (job offers welcome!) Is there any course or training in particular that you'd consider a must for new starts to the industry?


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