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  1. could the wall be built around the tree, like this
  2. Man jumped off Scammonden Bridge at 5:30 and a motorcyclist was hit by a lorry on the slip road
  3. Chippy


    Use Meths to dampen it down applied to the sanding sheet, does not matter if its clear or blue as it wont stain the wood and evaporates quick
  4. Early onset dementia Eggs ?
  5. Sister in law does because she has one of those special stoves that only burn kiln dried hardwood
  6. or similar from RS components. https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/contactors/4458122/
  7. Spanish rental firms still accept my old green paper licence, never had it questioned yet
  8. This might help you. https://kovkapro.com/tokarno-frezernoe-delo/test-tokarnyh-mini-stankov-po-derevu/
  9. That would make a very nice charger (plate)
  10. Seem to remember Silky saying he was moving into training, dont know if this was in the gym or training arb
  11. The 25% tax free withdrawal from a pension pot needs a bit of clarifying. Lets say you have £100 k in your pot and take out 25% = £25 k. What would you do with this? open an ISA paying 1.5% at best, premium bonds ? It's a bit complicated but what you do is to partition the remainder and your tax free lump sum in one pot which effectively leaves you with a pot of 100 k which is what you started with, this is still invested in whatever fund you originally had and still gains interest - or loss. When you do get your state pension, lets say this is £8 k, you can then draw roughly £3.5 k to take you up to the limit before tax is paid, to increase your pension you can then draw from your 25% whatever you want as this is tax free. I should say that this only applies to income drawdown and not annuities.
  12. The 3 phase supply is normally connected to whats called a busbar, this carries 4 cables, red,blue and yellow being the ones that carry the power, and black neutral. To connect a single phase motor use any of the power cables and the neutral, this should be connected with armoured cable with the armoured part of this providing the earth connection. If you do have a busbar you can get connecting boxes that just plug into the busbar and run the cable from this.
  13. se7enthdevil will probably be able to help you
  14. Chippy


    Is Cod Wood full of Hornbeam ?


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