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  1. Lime Crown Thin/Sycamore removal

    Says video is blocked
  2. We're back!!!

    Roll on 2024
  3. We're back!!!

    No as soon as you start to type in the reply box its there, so easy to add pic,s too
  4. We're back!!!

    Also I have just seen, Below from where you type your reply there is a button on the left " notify me of any replies " if this is turned on you will get replies from other members.
  5. We're back!!!

    Eggs not 100% sure about this,there are not may members on now, but at the top of every page you will see your name, on the notifications, 3rd from left, you will have a number of how many replies you have had to any post you have made. I have just had a reply from you as I type
  6. We're back!!!

    Click on Activity at the top of any page, from the drop down menu click on " my activity steams " then click the page you want
  7. Please report any glitches here

    you have a tutorial
  8. We're back!!!

    Eggs just below all the signs for twitter. facebook, etc to the right you will see view latest posts, this shows all the posts you have not read.
  9. Please report any glitches here

    Looks like lots of hard work has gone into this, a great improvement and easy to navigate. The " Who's online " page says it does not exist.

    <p>Hi Dean</p>

    <p>Noticed you a few times in the village of Northowram.</p>

    <p>A neighbours tree shed a large branch onto a sub station so I gave them your name and number, hope you get the call and job.</p>


  11. bowl turning thread

    Nice idea and looks good, think I have a bit of Iroko worktop somewhere, might try gluing them at 90 degree to see how that works out.
  12. Fings wot broke

    That needs stitching,holes drilled at an angle and steel pins knocked in and peined over, before any welding is done on it. https://www.metalock.co.uk/typical-on-site-repairs/metal-stitching.aspx
  13. poplar firewood available in keighley west yorks

    Dont think it would fit in the back of my Corolla
  14. Dead fir log

    Mark Did you have anything to do with the fork handles sketch?
  15. Making the news today....

    Looks like London has been hit again - car mows down several people on London Bridge


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