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  1. Anyone got a load of length timber they can deliver to Helensburgh area? Even the prospect of a pile and, I can organise the transport. I won’t turn my nose up at size or shape, promise! (Lorry driver might though)
  2. I used one of those blue plastic barrels - cleaned out of course. Tough as anything, maybe not as aerodynamic as some but I’m sure a bit of adaptation with a jigsaw and a few self tappers could improve it.
  3. Looking at the wood pile and need a top up pretty soon. I’m looking for ideally a full (20t) load of lengths, preferably hardwood. I am between Dumbarton and Helensburgh and just need it for our own domestic use (7t p/yr). Happy to arrange transport if needed. Any leads greatly appreciated.
  4. Thanks for that, looks interesting indeed. Sound advice about the FC officer as well, the main reason for going through hoops is simply the ancient woodland designation. I am also not clear who actually assess's areas to be "ancient", I had thought it was purely the jurisdiction of local council? Searching for the number now!
  5. Grants not the first thing on my mind. Prepared to take on fencing, felling planting costs etc just as usual business. It being designated ancient I don't want to fall foul of any official party. Mostly my judgement would err on the side of enthusiastic amateur and I can see that approach getting holes poked in it by above mentioned parties. Don't really have the time or energy to argue out a case even if we are doing the correct thing- would rather have a document and accompanying permits in my hand to fend them off with (don't want to say ducks in a row but....). Might even learn something as well.
  6. Hello everyone, I haven't posted on here before but am familiar with the site. We have a 2acre mixed deciduous wood with an ancient woodland planning designation on it just West of Dumbarton and its in need of a bit of work which we will do ourselves but don't want to step on anyone's toes( council, FC or local judiciary) without having all the nessecary licences and plan in place. Basically looking for recommendations of people who carry out survey/plan and felling app'ns (thinning sycamore etc). Thanks.


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