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  1. I agree with Ian. The other way way to look at it is how much work are you going to get out of a bloke that's worrying about what's going on at home? Just in efficiency terms you're better off letting the guy get whatever is going on sorted out rather then having him on site with his mind elsewhere. Also whatever happened to compassion? Is the bottom line all that really matters?
  2. When I first started out with a firm we took on subbies. If gave the boss the flexibility to take on more work without the worry of what will to do if the work suddenly dries up. He kept a close eye on what we all did and that the required standards were met. If they didn't measure up off they went. We ended up with one bloke for nearly a year. Once the business was more stable he slowly replaced the subbies with full time staff. Most of the firm's I've worked for used subbies and then later on used me as a subbie when I went self employed
  3. Just to balance the argument we were told to do the same to a tamarisk a couple of years ago on a site on the south coast and against our better judgment did it and it has not only come back but is positively thriving
  4. I used to work with a groundsman who's favourite way of us getting a cuppa was to knock on the customers door and ask them to settle an argument between us over what letter comes between s and u.when they replied t his response with a smile would be "thanks I'll have 1 sugar and my mate takes 2"
  5. Next to rugby is the best sport in the world imo. Really great for all round fitness, generally very nice people run the club's and a fantastic way to burn off some pent up feelings. I also worked the doors for over 10 years and found it the most effective way to manage people in certain situations.Thoroughly recommend it. I'm nearly 40 and still get on the mat. I've just got my youngest into the sport at 6 and he's bitten by the bug.
  6. Remember if your not in bed by 10 come home. My dad every time I went out to the pub as a youngster.
  7. Tim,have you tried Architectural Plants? They're just north of Brighton. They do a great range of ornamental trees.
  8. Re opening the UK coal mines is a great idea 1000's of tonnes under our feet despite what Maggie had the country believing. Though simplistic would more extensive coppicing be the answer to demand? Doing this on a 3-5 year rotation should give sufficient diameter logs for the consumer and leave the woodland owners a continuous supply of product without the need for continual replanting or am I being too nieve?
  9. Money down that it wouldn't even get to a tribunal.You'd have him bang to rights so his defence would be "if I knew the vehicle was tracked I wouldn't have done it so it's unfair dismissal"? I don't think so. Get one fitted, catch the employee and it sends a message out.
  10. Take a look at Timeless tools. Gilplin or Elwell are the best. I personally would steer clear of new ones having had both I would only get an old one now even if it means replacing the handle.
  11. Wishing you all the best. Hope things improve for both of you
  12. I've got standard ones and I'm 15+ stone and even at full extend with a hedgecutter I've had no problems.They're over 2 years old now with no sign of fatigue.
  13. I totally agree.Started using tripod ladders a couple of years ago and would throughly recommend them. Got a 14' one at the moment and going invest in a smaller one this year. Great for all kinds of work from hedgecutting to small tree pruning.
  14. Ska and 2tone top the list and I've just got into Munford and sons.love The Eagles as well


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