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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_nG90WJ1jc For people who like to see trees being dismantled on the X axis, here is some footage from the dismantle of two beech trees August 2018 using the DMM Offya and DMM Deviant tyrolean system. Access for a crane was very tight (lane only just possible to fit a 3.5t van down) with no place to set the outriggers and space was limited in the garden itself (on a bank) to rig conventionally and drag by hand so we chose to use ropework to our advantage. This was the first useage of the Deviant in anger during validation so it was decided beforehand to set a modest working load of 500kgs for the system. Switch to 1080HD and enjoy!
  2. I had a 380s, with a "swedomatic" chainbrake. Difference between the 380s & 380CD was the S had points and the cd had coil ignition. Once you know your model number google chainsaw collectors corner and you will find your saw with a full spec sheet and maybe even photos.
  3. Haven't looked to see where you can get them from online but they are out there, they look similar to a loggers tape only have a button to press when you want to retract it. I dare say a loggers tape would also work well and be a bit more robust. Check out this video which shares the same concept with the throwline storage. I like your idea using it for rigging line retrieval. I knew a really old school climber who would have a figure of 8, (non rescue type without the ears) permanently threaded onto his rigging line with the small hole that didn't pass over the carabiner on the end of the rigging rope, he then had a light line tied to the big hole end which he kept with him as he climbed to be able to pull the rope back. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuCF7ENOG1Y]Rope Shackle for Arborist Throw Line - YouTube[/ame]
  4. you could always replace the fat max measuring tape for a spring loaded fly fishing reel, you will fit more line on then should you need it. They have been used before in tree to tree throw lining but would also work well for this application.
  5. Jono100

    A new hybrid

    I had a ZZ and the swivel was part of the reason that drew me to it as with the swivel built in and using a Rock Exotica omni swivel pulley as a cambium saver my ropes were always kept nice and straight, therefore friction free (nearly!). For now threading a swivel straight onto the bridge of treemotion harness and clipping what ever to it (SJ, HC etc or ZZHC) will be sure to give me back my swiveling needs!! to Pete MC tree "without innovation there can be no developement" Agreed! Red tape can often limit companies to there full potential, there is always a certain amount of risk to new ideas, i wonder how many good ideas were lost because people weren't willing to put their neck on the line....


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