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  1. Some moths/butterflies never sit still- others like showing off infront of a camera
  2. Have you seen missing teenager Oliver? | Surrey Police WWW.SURREY.POLICE.UK We are renewing our appeal to find missing 17-year-old Oliver, who was last seen leaving his home in... It’s hoped that’s he in woodlands, so please keep your eyes open. thanks Rob
  3. What’s a soil rip? I am guessing subsoiling? both plots are surrounded by hard wood planting, so no lack of biodiversity.
  4. Douglas would be the preferred tree, but Both these plots won’t keep it standing. About a foot of soil then solid white clay below. Could be said that nothing quick growing will stand up. western red cedar is another suggestion.
  5. Why’s it rubbish? looking for saw log trees the end and sometimg that is suited to the climate in the future.
  6. Hmm iof that I am not sure- somebody just suggested it, says it’s grown in France a fair bit. looking at pictures, I think I had robinia in my head as they were in the garden.
  7. Has anyone got any experience or knowledge of growing acacia in the Uk? Two plots, one of failed larch, wind blow and another plot of failed Douglas, again wind blow. Looking for something a bit different. Sitka,Scots or Corsican would be alternatives.
  8. No many old solo climbers around, all it takes is a rock to fail- or an insect to fly out of a hold- having said that - Alex is awesome at what he does, and seems a really down to earth solid type of guy.
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-46979066 i don’t want to comment on the story- but somebody please reassure me that his photo has been really badly photo shopped
  10. Ran well when last used- (30 years ago when it was parked here)
  11. Perrie Hale Nursery in honiton, have always supplied our trees with no complaints from us.
  12. Deer also scream- very high and very loud, not sure which breed or sex does it.
  13. There was a video floating around a while back, of some 🇺🇸 guy setting up a system for pulling using a pole at right angles to the direction of pull, and some how by moving it over and back again it wound its self on to the pole or maybe even on to a second pole. no idea if it was any good or suitable for this circumstance. But might be worth a google search. (Poles were about 6foot long I think) edit- this is it- different video but same idea https://survivalsherpa.wordpress.com/2016/06/27/off-grid-winch-incredible-power-from-two-logs-and-a-rope/
  14. Just looking for ideas how to remove the gorse from the fence- permanently. are they too big to successfully spray? What sprays would ppl suggest? cut, remove, spray a year later?
  15. Here’s a colourful chap-
  16. A theoretical question- when you cut a willow, or such like, tree down and leave it in lengths- sometimes it starts to sprout- Is that wood drying out (seasoning) the same as one that doesn’t sprout? (Especially if the sprouting length is off the ground with no rooting sprouts) discuss
  17. It just felt out of control fast, but i didnt want slow the revs down too much. The fronts felt like it was jumping all over the place. Will the blades cut on tickover? i will have to look into the vibes on the hand.
  18. Has anyone have any experience with the above mower- or one similar? I have just tried to use one- Is it normal for a lot of vibration on the handle bar? do you have to fly around flat out to maintain the bar cutter speed? And therefore bounce all over the place? i can’t see a gear type level or setup. Cheers
  19. Well another day of trying to workout how to deal with it. I have (hopefully) managed to get my name on the list of debt to be paid out- just have to wait while the companies assets are liquidated and they work out "how many pennies to the pound" the debtors are going to get. But I have been warned to expect beer money- not full amount owed. Also it will take at least a year- if not longer..... The silver lining is during my quest to find all the relevant people to contact, I have managed get to provide a few more quotes for more solar parks.
  20. I guess there’s no way to protect myself in the future- even with a written contract
  21. I am looking for some advise or experiences on how to deal with getting a payment from a company that has gone into administration before paying me. I have an outstanding invoice with them. I have no contract, just an email chain of them asking me to quote and me providing the quote, and then a few following up the job. I understand that the company was going to pay- just folded before it did pay. I have got a contact for the administrators. so any words of wisdom on how best to get the payment. cheers
  22. Just wondering what ride on brush cutters people use. The etesia Attila seems the only one that jumps out on google, and I have no doubt that it’s pretty good, but you have to pay a lot for it. i would prefer rotary. thanks


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