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  1. Hi Mike. The BC600xl is not sold in Europe. It is also over 750kg, with no brakes. So would need new axle, draw bar and brakes. Getting a CE certificate would also prove to difficult.
  2. Look for a second hand one of these, cheaper to buy and will shred
  3. Glad you liked it! Give us a call, and we sort something out for you. Nigel Vermeer 07880990088 The new S925 is now out. Will now lift 450kg to 2.2m, and has an open track system.
  4. It should be on the chassis rail near the tow hitch, any problems call Vermeer on 01933 274400 and speak to Lloyd on service
  5. If you would like a demo of the BC190xl or larger just give me a bell and will sort out a demo for you. Chip quality is pretty good. Give me a call on 07880990088 Nigel Vermeer
  6. If weight is not a problem. Try our BC190xl on a demo. largest engine in class (kubota as well) and the widest infeed with an excellent throw as well.
  7. Yes quite easy to do. Just make sure you have a ramp for the jocky wheel. Put a strop on the tow head. Make sure it is well secure in the trailer. Drop the jocky wheel, because you will bend it, as you ratchet down. Put a block of wood under the hitch as well.
  8. Drum chippers will work better than a disk on palm. BC1000 and above
  9. Give our office a call on 01933 274400
  10. I think you will find that WGM are the nearest TW dealer to you. But could be wrong.
  11. Oh its not that easy to get away from us! https://www.vermeer.com/NA/en/N/equipment/stump_cutters/sc362. Any questions they cant answer, give me a call. Nigel Vermeer
  12. David is correct. larger, much larger machines are able to sort out the shreddings and remove stones (trommels) and metal (Over band magnets etc). Most are still unable to remove plastic. But the set up for an aborist is out of most reach. The Gandini Biomatic 85 MTS. Cant do this, and is designed, at volume reduction.
  13. You can make good compost. If it has contaminants like nails or plastic, it cant be used for much.
  14. It does make quite a bit of diffrence. But give us a call, and we will come and do a demo for you.
  15. Sorry to hijack a thread, but why not give our BC190 a go. Larger engine and largest infeed in class.
  16. They are not keen on wet weather. Infeed is about that of a friut box. Will not do a sleepers or large stones. Gravel is ok. Uses flails. Part are not easy to get. Look for a TW S426. Both machines will block but the TW is easier to unblock (nature of shredders) The wetter the matrial the quicker they will block.
  17. Try a Vertmeer stumpginder. Tough, heavy and easy to service. parts are easy to get to as well.
  18. Lift is what a skidsteer will lift to full height and is rated to lift. So the S800 will lift 381kg the new CTX100 will lift 470kg to full height. Tip over is the weight that if you lift the machine will start to tip froward, tip over. So the tip over point of the CTX is 1341kgs.It means that you can pick up just below that, and if you keep it close to the ground you can move it around. This is the same for most skidsteers.
  19. The new Vermeer CTX100 with 40hp diesel, lift capacity of 470kg to a height of 223cm and only 91cm wide (36" in old money). With a tip over of over 1.3 tons. [ame] [/ame]
  20. The new Vermeer CTX100 with 40hp diesel, lift capacity of 470kg to a height of 223cm and only 91cm wide (36" in old money). With a tip over of over 1.3 tons. [ame] [/ame]
  21. We have a few old trade-ins that might be of use to you. Give me a call on 07880990088
  22. 12" chippers, I would look at the BC1200 with hydraulic crush as standard and the ability to fit a winch. Saftey bar is for your safety. And all chippers will need bottom feed bars. But with the Vermeer you can override the bottom safety bar, as long as it is safe to do so. And you can have Vermeer Tree commander if you are crane feeding.You can control all features of the chipper remotely. [ame] [/ame]
  23. This a smaller older Vermeer with large Auger on it [ame] [/ame]
  24. At Vermeer we can do either a high speed head or low speed but high torque auger. Combine this with over 56ltr flow a min at 210 bar. Not much will stop it. If the ground is really rocky we can also fit rock drill bit with tungsten tips (replaceable)


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