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  1. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows of any work in or around the Alps starting ASAP. I have my Hilux, all of my climbing gear and my 200T with me. I am an experienced climber but would prefer ground work initially as im slightly out of shape after being a snowboard bum for the last 5 months! Any leads welcome and thankyou...
  2. Ahh, got this cutting from my father and he said the majority of them did have 2 berries :-) looks like you aced it, many thanks!!
  3. Hi, anyone have any idea what this shrub is. I have to horticulturalists baffled. The berry is approximately 1cm in diameter and the red flowers have a sticky/ waxy feel to them. I meant to take a picture of the whole shrub itself but my battery ran out. All help appreciated !
  4. Talk to the chap from this company. His dads a mechanic and did a great job on his hilux http://www.townandcountrytreeservices.co.uk/
  5. Hope you didn't ring up all of that walnut! Worth a bit that size for shotgun socks!
  6. Thats why i said a few not two! Maybe i wasnt specific enough for you, I live out in the arse end of knowhere down a dead quite country lane, the most i would have killed is a little bunny which i run over all the time anyway to feed to the dog. To say that i intended to spark this debate is completely absurd! I asked a simple question and as i explained to steve, thought id set the scence and make it a bit more interesting for anyone who was kind enough to give me some advice. If id known it was going to cause this much polava i really wouldnt have bothered. Ive got much better things to do with my time than sit on my arse kicking off debates about whatever you think im doing, that would just be sad, hence why i only come on here to get advice. Im not the one trolling through peoples posts adding unneeded spiteful comments remember. Yes, possibly slightly indignant as im a grown man and dont need to be lectured on the laws of the land or whats right and wrong but acting the injured party?! Whats that all about then? Ive taken the time to thank the people who advised me, put others in their place for any unkind remarks and explained the situation better to anyone who has speculated otherwise. 'I hit this bloke with my landy, can anyone help me with where to get a new bumper? Im not even going to comment on this - i actually laughed out loud, how is this even comparable.. Theres no question mark there as its rhetorical, i dont even care. Why am i even justifying myself to you
  7. I greatly appreciate the advice, dont get me wrong! And yes, your interpretation was correct but there is a big difference between having a few which might make you merry, and being drunk. A person can be charged for drink driving even if theyve had 2 pints depending on your tollerance and other factors yet that wouldnt make them drunk. Thats why its called drink driving, not drunk driving. Oxford Dictionary for drunk... adjective [predic.] affected by alcohol to the extent of losing control of one’s faculties or behaviour: I impressed them by turning up at such short notice, clearing the drive and explaining that I would be back first thing in the morning to finish off. They knew the score.
  8. As do i but i dont turn down work when i know im capable of doing it. Theyre boots not trousers.
  9. Good stuff! Stay safe and have a grand weekend.. Im off down the pub
  10. Too right if it was a regular local client/ neighbour but they dont usually use me and the only reason I was offered the job is because the other guy is away, so why not charge for the callout?!
  11. I agree completely too. In this situation however my missus took the call and relayed the message on to me. From what I was told, they wanted the job done there and then. I know this is obviously crying out to be a 'winner' but theyre neighbours of mine and i know them well. Im sure they were just as confident as i was in knowing that i wouldnt rip them off. Hence why i thought id ask you lot and get an idea of what an emergency callout SHOULD cost for last night and the future.
  12. Hey, thanks for the advice buddy. I try to steer clear of hourly rates but i do have a regular call out fee and then other random prices depending on how long the job will take/ the amount of waste to clear etc! How are you getting on with the weather over in Ireland?!


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