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  1. Thanks steve i understand that but would I be able to bring my existing kit into the business tax wise as already bought privately prior to start up?
  2. Not at present but about to register and stay paye in my present job while getting established.
  3. I have worked as a plant operator for the last 25 years and am now at the point where I have had enough. I have built up a huge amount of kit over the years and I am now thinking of setting up as a part time sole trader doing landscape/garden maintenance work, hedge laying ,fencing etc all stuff I have done on the side for years. Question is how do I set up a business part time at first maybe taking a bigger leap as time goes on?
  4. How about electrified barbed wire,3 phase 415v of course?
  5. I have pulled out quite a few smallish stumps over the years using my land rover capstan with a ground anchor and snatch blocks,the trees need to be cut off at around 4-5 ft to provide leverage, just cut roots with a mattock if necessary. whereabouts in s.wales are you?
  6. Always nice to see old pictures, Those excavators possibly old komatsu machines and a Volvo 860 or 861 dump truck. How much further did that load of hay travel with that bent trailer axle? !!!
  7. Hi all, Bought myself a new L200 club cab pickup last year,problem is it has not got anywhere to secure loads. Has anyone got any suggestions as to the best type of hooks/rail I can fit. I have got an over rail bed liner fitted and an ifor Williams canopy on most of the time. Martin.
  8. If you do manage to construct a ROPS,take your tractor to the top of a steep slope and let it run away by itself without anybody on it.Hopefully it will roll over a few times and the rops and its mountings will survive intact. These things are professionally designed and approved for a reason! Also don't forget that you need a seatbelt for use with a ROPS. Martin.
  9. I would imagine that an MB1000 would be a handy size machine .
  10. The 1500 used to ride well on the road ,not sure how fast but the tyres used to hum with the extra gear! I never really used the machine for proper tractor work mainly transport duties. The reverse drive would be good on a mulcher I would imagine. The cab only had one door and you had to be mindful of this in tight spaces.
  11. A plant hire company I worked for in 1995/6 had an MB1500. It was B reg iirc so around 1985 vintage ,we used to use it with a 3 axle low loader trailer for moving excavators around locally , used to pull a 20ton machine around easily. We also used a 15 ton dump trailer as well , I remember that there was some problem with the gearbox and this was removed and sent to Mercedes for repair . When it was refitted I found that it had gained an extra gear, apparently they all had this high speed top gear but it was blanked off unless specified by the original purchaser , this turned it into a flying machine with air brakes thank goodness! I am not sure if they all had reverse drive capability but this one had the seat and steering wheel with dash etc on a turntable affair that could be turned around in opposite directions,leaving the gear levers where they were. All in All a good tractor but very cumbersome and primitive by todays standards. Martin.
  12. capstan winch on my series land rover, used for all sorts of jobs for 20 plus years.
  13. Thanks Bob,I have ordered those forms,it will be great if I could get road legal.:thumbup:
  14. When I enquired with dvla last year about registering my Kubota,they were insistent on date of manufacture, import paperwork,was vat or import duty paid?. CE certificate required, none of which I could answer. I think it was form v62 and around £55 to register if I could supply all the details I decided not to bother in the end,the tractor only does around 9mph and I did think about the safety aspect as well. iirc the OP got his tractor from the same dealer as me so I will see how he gets on.
  15. There is a potential can of worms waiting at DVLA regarding grey imports! I have had the same thoughts myself and decided that the easiest way was to move the tractor on a trailer to where needed:001_smile:


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