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  1. Powder coat will be fine, or you could hydro dip it!
  2. Where did you buy yours from? They're holding up ok?
  3. Has anyone got some of these from Australia yet? Want to buy a pair for the hotter weather very thing and only weigh around 1kg but want to know the quality of them before I do!
  4. Yeah i was planning on using 2 double sailing pulleys and an old 50m line it adds so much and we don't have a winch so it would be great in the kit bag!
  5. That's the same 5:1 set up but instead the the end pulley was attached to the rigging line it wasn't all utilising the same rope
  6. Hi guys I just finished my cs41 and when I was on it the trainer showed me away of pulling over stems using: A line tied to the top of the tree then tied off on a capstan then the bit I don't remember too well but consisted of 2 double pulleys an old climbing line and a big rope grab... I remember the rope grab goes on the rigging line and one of the pulleys clips on to the capstan has anyone used this method and could perhaps show some pics so I can make my own kit up?! Thanks
  7. I like my lanyard 6m daisy chained
  8. Can't wait to get my saws up to him after Xmas! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  9. Personally I think that if the mark 1 was sold with 2 rubber rings to put on the carabiner like you get with the spider jack that user error wouldn't have occurred!
  10. [Q UOTE=HRG Tree Services;1201983]No tree stuff sent it out on Monday and I received it on Friday. No questions asked! great well I'll just buy one! Cheers guys
  11. Did you have any trouble getting it through customs? In the uk or have to pay any extra fees?
  12. You can kind of see why it could be a bit of a grey area
  13. Does anyone own the tree stuff throwbag launcher in the UK? I have been told they aren't legal here and classed as a sec. 5 weapon but they're pretty useful and just really want a new shiny toy
  14. My husky hedge cutters have recently packed up they start fine on choke then go to start off choke but just can't seem to get going? Got told it may be the ignition coil? Does anyone know or had this problem before? Thanks


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