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  1. Yes we're at Elham valley today [emoji106][emoji268] Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  2. Have any of u looked at the splitfire range. Riko sell . 👍
  3. Hi old mill I've not managed to pair mine to iPhone either.
  4. I've also been using a 4 set of sena headsets, you will never go back to no comms[emoji106] Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  5. Nice vid. I need to do one. I've got plenty of GoPro footage. Just need the time to put it together , what software u using ?
  6. I've just started using Invoice2go. And I am over the moon with it 😀
  7. I use sena smh10 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/122070673709 Had them over a year and they r very good. The other good thing is we have 4 units. So great for road side work
  8. I'm with Richard Sena SMH10 and you can pair 4 all together. Great for roadside. And it's nice to have abit of banter ! Had mine over a year now and would not be without them. You won't regret buying
  9. All the best spud in your new venture . You will do very well I'm sure. My old ported 088 is being a mare at the moment. So will need to send her up to you. For u to work your magic Happy new year
  10. We will be there sat sun. Bit of camping for us. Need ammo
  11. Very nice set up , and good cutting
  12. Liking that my friend What edit software are u using ?
  13. And I'll third that. Midland springs.
  14. Hi Max for the last four years ive done long rides around 1000 miles 8 days this year we are doing calais to Croatia in 8 days in june my big training rides have just started, i was away in belgium over the weekend to complete the liege bastogne liege sportive. the hardest part for me is finding the time to get saddle time! but any saddle time is good , good luck with your ride, the other thing about long rides day after day is that your body soon gets use to it and it becomes very natural to ride every day
  15. I agree , I get my chain oil in 205 ltr drums and my 2 stroke in 5ltr containers Great service and great price
  16. Sean keep on keeping on All this best you are doing amazing ,
  17. Sean Your last post has made me cry! I'm not a man that does that !!! In fact The last time I did was when my son Callum was born! He is 18 next Tuesday Keep on keeping on All the best
  18. Sean a truly amazing post. My thoughts are with u . Please keep us posted. Reading this we all know that our job can be dangerous ,and this thread really hits home If there's anything u think that we can do for u pls let us all know Sean u have a great attitude , head up All the best


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