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  1. Just picked up isc stryder and its crap! The strap sticks out abit and stops rope from feeding through. Go for the CT, its cheaper, smaller and smoother!
  2. Tis a bit bouncy! good double line though.
  3. Nice one Nathan. Although factory e2e's are neater I find just getting a couple of meters of hitch cord and figuring out the length that suits you and the knot your using best.
  4. Where abouts in Remuera? I lived in Newmarket for 6months, cant quite picture where that is.
  5. It's at the bottom of the tree out of the way! 5m!
  6. Bayhales


    If neither Skyhuck or Thetoolnut have them off of you, I certainly will mate.
  7. Teufelberger have recently bought out 2 new climbing lines, I've actually got both and really rate the Drenaline for both ddrt and srt.
  8. Hard to say with out seeing pics but maybe rig off as much as your anchor point can take and tag line pieces out the wet? Then get in a boat to clean the bits n pieces out.
  9. Hanging from one line 'looks' more dangerous than hanging from two (DdRT) As you say it makes no difference as there both still a single line. Cut either running or terminated part and your going down. The point you make, to me illustrates how someone with no actual climbing experience could see srt as looking more dangerous than a doubled rope system.
  10. when it comes to touchy insurance stipulations I can see the boss sticking with a firm no at the moment. Recon I'll hang on for a minute until I hear from others in the same situation before asking questions.
  11. couldn't agree more mate. I can walk up a line 20 meters without breaking a sweat whereas someone else hip thrusting 20m will eventually have a heart attack. So then they will have to be rescued. What would be quicker in a rescue, double line or running up a static line to the casualty? I know which one I would go for!
  12. That's interesting what you've said there. To me it seems the suits behind the red tape are looking to pick on something in our industry. And a ticket to show that you can climb single line is gunna make governing bodies more money!


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