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  1. Heya Matty, we might have worked with each other I would advise you to be looking for £150+ day rate. or £20 per hour minimum.. Forestry is booming right now and brexit is about to shake up the workforce ;/ sad but true. Expecting roughly 60 harvester drivers to be gone by 2019 I would seriously advise against a 200 quid micra to get you and yer gear in and out of sites.. that is not gonna happen you are just gonna break down (come winter you are stuck at home) and piss everyone off hahaha. You need to be reliable and dependable. And it would mean traveling and breathing petrol fumes.. f!"£$ that! love and peace M
  2. That is just not true! Perhaps in the past yes but the past few years it has changed.
  3. Husky 254 and I still have it. Which reminds me of what a quality product used to be!
  4. I have had my 572 xp-g for several months now and I still can't get Husqvarna to reply to any of my messages or phone calls regarding where I can get the double dog kit for the new legendary saw. I was surprised that the saw is being sold with out because all the marketing material shows it with double dogs and chain roller. Anyone else noticed this or did your 572 come with double dogs and chain roller? love and peace M
  5. Matt GT

    Tiny echo!

    Permanent marker? I should defo see if that would work
  6. Matt GT

    Tiny echo!

    I just wish this saw had felling sights on it
  7. Matt GT


    Sounds like that was one of the non tuned saws.. There was a batch of echo saws released in uk that were not tuned up. This has hurt echo a little bit.
  8. Matt GT

    Tiny echo!

    how is it ergonomically compared to the 150 and any diff in weight.
  9. Matt GT

    Tiny echo!

    I thought all 2511 came with a 10" Tsumura bar! Mine did and that is every bit as good if not better than sugi bars.
  10. my stihl autofill nozzle fits all my echo tools. including the baby 2511. the husky spouts fit all my echo tools as well as often I work with a cutter that has a husky can and we sometimes share our fuel.
  11. My opinion is that they are the best option right now for ground saws and climbing saws. My only gripe is no heated handles. Someone said spares are problem above but that is just not true! Phone Echo tool uk and you will have your spare next day!
  12. Echo 620SX on a Sugi 18" 3/8. Amazing saw which has replaced stihl 362 and husky 262, 357, 560
  13. Matt GT

    Echo parts.

    for echo parts its simply a case of contacting ECHO Tools UK direct and they will sort out a part to your nearest dealer (which may surprise you how close they are) and they do a 1 day turn around where possible. I needed a fuel tank and rear handle for my 620sx after a large spruce rolled on it when cutting a 6.2m log off it for the harvesters. Echo Tools UK had it to me in one day and I had it fitted myself in afew hours. Cost was £58 all in all so I was quite pleased. And the service was superb. Where Echo are failing is they think they have dealers that are selling their products when in fact that is not happening. The so called dealers will get in parts but refuse to put echo on the shop floor because they already have stihl or makita or some other brand. I have had an echo dealer tell me to my face that he refuses to put echo products for sale because everyone just wants Stihl due to sheep mentality. Needed a chain brake assembly as well from the same incident that smashed my rear handle. Again that was 1 day turn around \o/
  14. Hello Rob I may sound dumb asking this but any 3/8 sugi bars?


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