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  1. When are you planning on doing this?
  2. fatharrywhite

    Treeplanters wanted

    Whereabouts in Scotland please?
  3. Whereabouts in Lincolnshire?
  4. <p>How's things with you? Been doing full-time Forestry in Lincolnshire the last couple of years but starting to feel too old for this game- got some other projects I'm trying to get off the ground.</p>

  5. <p>All right Steveo how you doing mate ??? Have you got robbed from agm on tracks number? ?? Cheers pal</p>

  6. <p>In Lincolnshire</p>

  7. <p>you may wish to say where you were working</p>

  8. Can give you hand one weekend if you want- would normally do about 300 a day tubed & staked.
  9. Try holding the tip of the tree while you're stamping them in- people have been sent down the road for less.
  10. fatharrywhite

    Have to renew all NPTC units every 5 years

    FISA has an entirely different meaning if you're familiar with the Danish language. http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/fisse
  11. Does anyone have/ know of any Birch regen sites that need managing or respacing? Ideally the Birch should be around 7-9 foot tall & quite densely growing so it's straight. It gets used for making the jumps at Horse Racing events, in return the owner gets the woodland managed i.e thinned out free of charge. Ideally I'm looking for sites that are reasonably accessible in the North of England but anywhere considered.
  12. fatharrywhite

    what would you plant?

    You don't say what's in the rest of the woodland but we used to plant a windbreak/ shelterbelt for wildlife on the borders with bushes like Hawthorn, Elderberry, Hazel mixed with Oak, Cherry, Birch etc.
  13. fatharrywhite

    Unemployed? It seems you're not alone!

    Some of the gangers in the travelling community seem to have plenty of work, the downside being that they may not pay you or let you leave. However they would probably provide food & accommodation which is maybe more than can be said for a job with a zero hours contract.
  14. fatharrywhite

    Unemployed? It seems you're not alone!

    My dad used to say that. There maybe is work out there if you look for it but I've worked for some total p***ks over the years who wouldn't even pay you if they didn't have to & don't give a monkey's about safety etc.
  15. The people here who will suffer the most will be forestry workers who are still mostly self employed, who aren't really paid that well & don't have customers they can pass these costs on to. I read in the papers about a year ago how the UK lumberjack comes out no.1 for jobs that have seen wages falling in real terms over the last few years.


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