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  1. Beautiful kitchen! And 30 x 100 sounds about perfect. Can you PM me your number and a price please. Cheers!
  2. Lovely stuff! I'm currently panelling a sauna in Alder T&G. Its really beatiful wood and the variety of colour tones makes it look interesting. Also its hard enough that I can bash it together with a rawhide mallet directly on the edge (groove side) without it breaking or denting, which is handy for speed. Anyone have seasoned Alder planks for sale? Squaredy?
  3. Does anyone have any milled Poplar or Alder for sale? I'm after stock 1" and 2" thick or something close. I'm in Gloucestershire Cheers
  4. Taking some curved Ash logs to the mill tomorrow for the roof and then i'm going to do the rest of the structure in Larch. Ta
  5. The client has specified sweet chestnut waney edge (which is pretty much as light as larch). If I used Ash i'd have to make the studs narrower to still keep 2 inches of insulation bit still get the weight down. Don't think I could get away with 2x1" Ash studs! I plan on using Ash for the curved roof ribs
  6. Larch is 95% of what we mill and is generally my go to timber. I was aiming for something lighter but with the amount of timber involved maybe it won't make much different. And we have Larch by the mill and it means I can crack on...
  7. I have a commission to build a cabin on a trailer. Its going to be a stud frame and pretty small timbers e.g 2"x2" or similar and it will be on the road. I'm going to be milling the timber and was planning on building the studwork out of poplar as it is lightweight and I can get the sawlogs for barely any money. Also I'm keen to make use of neglected species where possible and I've been impressed with the poplar i've milled in the passed, very light and very stable in wide boards. But its seeming like it might be a bit trickier to get than I hoped and also I read that hybrid poplar is a weak timber. This stuff was planted for bryant and may matches, what variety is it likely to be? I also have access to norway spruce and scots pine. I have milled some of the spruce before into batten and it was very weak having been fast grown and this bit was fairly knotty so in batten sized pieces it wan't up to much. But if I graded it better is it likely to be strong enough. Or should I go for the scots pine? Any advice very welcome.
  8. I put a piece of lead or slate under the bottom of the posts, slightly smaller than the posts. This seems to stop wicking problems. Easier to make a hole in lead than slate for the thread bar to go through.
  9. Steve Cull, Blademaster will sort you out. Total professional, knows all there is to know about bandsaw blades and their sharpening. He will sharpen woodland mill blades.
  10. So Agrimog are you saying that the new trailer rules don't apply to a mill? We are planning on getting a trailer made for our HM130 too but was worried about these rules so was concidering bolting it to a narrow horse trailer chassis instead (although not entirely sure if this fit within the rules either?) Something purpose built would be preferable if it is still legal
  11. Peat

    Log holders

    I like the look of that thing, especially how it hinges over to empty it out. Saw a guy using one online to minimise the amount of handling of his logs. He'd split logs ito billets, stack and season them like that, then when he had an order he'd cut them in the buckingham woodstation, and then flip it and empty straight into his truck. Seemed like a good efficient operation with minimal kit.
  12. Say it With Wood sell chestnut in Herefordshire, so not too far from you. I'm sure they'd be able to provide what you're looking for
  13. I've got some small diameter cherry cord. I'm near stroud, gloucestershire. Its a mix of seasoned and unseasoned, think its all less that 12" diameter, 4ft lengths.
  14. How does he want it? Standard split logs? Cord? Billets? Is it for smoking?
  15. Smart hurdles. I make the odd cleft hurdle and i'm interested in how the production time of your sawn ones compares to cleft. I understand its probly trickey to figure out if each process is done in batches. I'd probly do 4 or 5 in a day cleft, from log to hurdle. I'm sure i'd speed up if I got more orders for them!


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