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  1. Thanks for replys guys, Exactly my thoughts on the oaks and I'm not sure how they would manage creating habitat because it will eventually lead to deadwood which will have to be removed as the trees are both over cars/roads and footpaths. Haha I'm sure we can all guess who the report is by! But I'm not naming or shaming or saying any of it's wrong. I'm just saying that in my opinion I would take a different approach to managing the mentioned trees. As ultimately they are being maintained for safety and amenity aesthetical purposes.
  2. http://www.nomorebirds.co.uk/bird%2Dfree%2Dfire%2Dgel%2Dkit%7E242 Ok so found the fire gel. So that element is sorted!
  3. Hi all, Working on a big quote, I've got a report from a well known arb firm that I have been working from. But I'm coming unstuck a bit! One element that has been added to the suggested works is " apply spray for leaf minor" on a holm oak !? I've inspected the tree and see no sign ( didn't even know it affected oaks) Also there is suggestions for the installation of steel bracing..., which I thought is an out of date practice? I would either remove the tree as it's near a very main road, or reduce to remove the risk of failure or cobra her up? Also to quote for is the application of "fire jel" to deter birds nesting and fouling... Never herd of it! Do we need a ticket!? Where the hell can I buy it !? Also on the list is suggestion that two very mature oaks to "initiate veteranisation" which I'll be honest is out of my depth and I'm not about to go hacking up two stunning trees, but I see no need for this either!? Trees are in good health! Could do with deadwooding for safety as over footpaths.... Ain't broke don't fix it in my opinion. I am looking for someone with the relevant Certs, know how, and equipment, to servey a further 20 trees or so, some are very!! Large poplars that require decay testing. Sorry it's a long one guys, thanks in advance.
  4. Hi all, I'm jack Not been trading in this game long and looking to fill the odd day here and there, so I'm available for hire with my truck, chipper and all the kit you could ever need! Based in herts, beds bucks. I'm 24 years old, very hard working and love my work more than anything . (Except my Labrador.... Maybe!) I've collected everything I have as a result of working towards where I want to be from the age of 20, I have put myself through all my training, and feel like I'm close but as I say I just need to fill those empty days. NPTC cs30.31.38 Can provide additional climbers/groundies. 5 million public liability, 10 mill employers. Can provide chip disposal
  5. Transit connect high roof long wheelbase tddi, cam chain instead of belt, 1.8 good space. Won't win any races though and not the best on fuel!
  6. Exactly the same here, normally have the wire gate pulled off Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  7. I know a couple of people who had them fail on kubota engines on different machines I think the last one was Jensen... Just fit a lever/piece of string to the solenoid and kill it manually!? ..... Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  8. Thinking Kawasaki green! My mate owns a powder coat workshop lol Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  9. Haha yeah was a landy! Not the mrs..... Lmao Few more pics before it goes off for powder coating on Saturday. Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  10. The wrong rope, the wrong size Attached in the wrong way! Lesson learned ! Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  11. I should probably mention this build comes after me snapping the piece of rigging line I use to attach my pulley block! Got a bit carried away lmao, 25/28" sycamore dia dropped a 4ft section and "SNAP!" Down she went lol Live and learn! Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  12. Haha This is only the proto type! I'm already thinking it needs 4 side strap mounts, and a bottom strop mount.... Maybe some side rope guides? Any suggestions welcome!! Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  13. Haha I wish No I supplied and cut most of the materials. But we did weld up an ally diesel tank And plub it I to the exhaust on the lady to make a smoke screen Productive day haha Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  14. I'll post a pic once it's all powder coated Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App


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