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    <p>Hi mate, </p>

    <p>do you ever work around Burnley area? We have a site that you can drop off any logs/chip.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>If interested, please get in touch: 07790904133</p>


  2. pinches2412

    Tip site liverpool

    Been off this thread a while. Jobs started today. Will the site on the wirral take chip?
  3. pinches2412

    Tip site liverpool

    Several groups of jobs. Its for seddons.
  4. pinches2412

    Liverpool tip sites.

    Working in liverpool for 4 weeks and in need of tip sites. Many thanks.
  5. pinches2412

    Tip site liverpool

    Got 4 weeks work in liverpool and need a few tip sites otherwise its a right trek taking it back. Any help gratefully appreciated.

    <p>Hi ,were about in Liverpool you working ,,can take logs but not chip .</p>

    <p> </p>



  7. pinches2412

    Tip sites liverpool

    Got 4 weeks work in liverpool for a building firm. Need tip sites as theres gonna be a fair bit of chip/ logs etc. Any help gratfully apreciated.
  8. pinches2412

    Woodchip in the Bolton area

    Quality stuff. If you pm me an adress/ postcode and i'll pop up and say hello
  9. pinches2412

    Woodchip in the Bolton area

    Cheers mate. Its very much appreciated. Had to graft like **** to get this far. Your offer helps a lot. Thanks.
  10. pinches2412

    Woodchip in the Bolton area

    Had a bad couple of years but im in business now. Are these offers still open for chip and logs?
  11. pinches2412

    Chip tip site bolton lancs

    Im looking for a tip site around bolton lancashire. Preferably take logs aswell. Any info would be appreciated cheers

    <p>HI, sorry, my 'in-box' was full...aghhh!</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Can you please resend the 'pm'.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Many thanks..</p>

    <p> Paul</p>


  13. pinches2412

    North-West: FREE ARB Approved Contractor Workshop 13th Feb.

    I m extremely interested in this. What exactly does it entail?????
  14. pinches2412

    first attempt milling with a alaskan

    Just a quick one. Im new at this milling and i want to make some nice garden furninture. Picnic benches and the like. When the wood is planked, how do you stop it from splitting when its drying??????
  15. pinches2412

    Time for some new trousers ... Oregon Waipoua??

    I have them and no complaints whatsoever


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