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  1. get some premium petrol in it. 98 ron
  2. Google Rennes le Chateau,
  3. where are you Trish? surely theres someone on this forum close to you? i'm in NE England.
  4. <p>Hi Andrew, i will pop up but i will probably have the kids with me. not sure what time, probably be around 10. whats the address/ directions?</p>



    <p>where in Northumberland?</p>

    <p>I am looking at buying 50 or so.</p>

    <p>20 5ft</p>

    <p>20 6ft </p>

    <p>10 7ft </p>

    <p>how much are you after? i can collect</p>

    <p>Cheers Matty</p>


  6. When we stay away, I pay all food and beer and its an extra £50 per night away for Climbers.
  7. gave up 9 years ago. very difficult. Advice would be chew gum, change your drink and read up on how quickly some parts of your body start to heal themselves. Good luck to you all, P.s. I got so poorly about 5 years ago, i was hospitalised in Intensive care for a few weeks, if I was still smoking at that time I would have ended up in a morgue. Good luck Matty
  8. What company are you with Hodge?
  9. Farm near us does stuff especially for christmas, gets some reindeer and does sleigh/carriage rides for kids, who then meet santa.....
  10. dont know the layout of the farm, but couldnt you hire out areas for paintball, bbqs, harvest boozeup, satanic sacrifices or parties etc. If not advertise yourself out as a diy dan.. loads of single women (and men) need shelves putting up etc. what can you do to make the land pay you over the winter. could an arb use some space for storage etc. good luck and i hope you get out of the rut.
  11. What would you suggest, where should i get it and do you have any pics?
  12. I use a modified bomag trailer fits like a glove:thumbup:
  13. i have lifted mine twice on my own.... never again..... until the next time!!!
  14. mines almost paid for itself already. still owes me about £300 over hiring one, i have only had it for 3 months:thumbup:
  15. mint, thanks Do you know what other teeth can be fitted to the stumpmaster original?
  16. can you provide a link to the sort of disk i should get?
  17. :blushing:loads of spillage 3 full loads filled to brim, easy tidy up though!
  18. Just realised I never posted pics of roadrunner. filled the van 3 times yesterday after a spot of large Leylandii bashing
  19. the stuff that my cs100 gobbles is crazy... i know its a pencil sharpener etc... not a real chipper... but its paid for itself quickly and for those jobs where you can leave chip on site its a miracle. changes the way you work.
  20. awesome fella, and you've got enough left over for a Bomag trailer!
  21. keep, your entec until you can afford a cs100.


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