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  1. Where do you get your double bevel files from Pete? Seem hard to source. Tempted on giving it try
  2. Thanks for the quick response. I'll look into the wireless security as I will be in range of WiFi, I did look at Armourgard. There doesn't seem to be alot of choice around. I am slightly concerned with the fact that now Im going from a 3x3 shed to roughly a 7x3 footprint that I will be just inviting someone to have a look now! I'm just banking on my insurance company giving me the reassurance at the very least to pay out from here after mainly...
  3. Hello everyone, I've recently started up my own business and after my second year draws to a close I'm in a position financially to improve my workshop (Knocking the old one down and building a better one!) 😅 I'm going to be using an up and over garage door with 4 point locking as my main security measure, will look at CCTV as and when. Maybe I'm paranoid but I would really like any ideas on how I can lock up all my chainsaws in a secure but efficient way that isn't too long winded to get to every morning! I've looked up combinations of " Heavy duty Storage box/cupboards etc" but get nothing better than an office cupboard with a little keylock that would take 5 seconds to bypass... I realise that if I ever got done over, that if someone wants to get in, they will anyway, but I still don't want to hand it over on silver platter! Basically, I'd like to see what other people do with their set ups and see if I can get some ideas together. Would really appreciate any input from you guys Thanks Steve
  4. What about just trying a different knot. We all know the prussik renowned for binding up, I'm using a swabish prussik, sometimes a distel with a long friction cord length so its exactly the same as using a prussik without the lack of performance.
  5. how much to get a new england rope spliced? not a fan of tieing a bowline all the time. Does it cost more to get it slaiced/spliced rather than just sewn together? tar
  6. oh cool cheers mate, I'm gonna send mine in before I go to the APF next week
  7. Well that was the other problem I had, the technician I spoke to admitted to being quite green to the new saws, he has the kit to get diagnostics from the computer in the saw, but I got the impression he wasn't entirely clued up on it. Me being me didn't want cause a fuss as he couldn't find a problem with it, as the issue I was describing to him didn't happen in front of him. I think what he meant was, what the carb was telling him on the computer, that nothing was wrong. That was how specific he was as a reason to give to me. Don't really know what to do with it, send it back in? insist they send it off to stihl? Only got one ground saw, can't really operate with it
  8. Hey guys my 362c keeps stalling after I let off the throttle. It doesn't every time but enough times for it to annoy me. Plus it doesn't like starting after it does stall. Already taken it in to a stihl dealer and they couldn't find a problem. Plugged in the carb and it said it was ok as well. just came away feeling stupid and £10 worse off! He did replace the spark plug which didn't remedy it. Any thoughts? Cheers
  9. Hey guys looking for a slightly bigger saw than my current money pit 261 All the saws in the title are of simliar spec just wanna know your thoughts? not heard a lot about 362s but I thought I'd look into Echo as well, as my small engines mechanic thinks they're underrated and from what I gather this hasn't got a little computer in it telling it what to do! Best Built Longest Lasting Gas Powered Outdoor Power Equipment | muchas gracias!
  10. Needle bearing dude, I'm on my third one now. just work without using the chainbreak I didnt realise the first one go, it completely shattered. Then was told that the crank had been worn down and the oiler arm disintegrated. Just a matter of time really before you write off the saw or keep chucking money at it.
  11. Used a 560 the other day, really nice saw, gotta say I am regretting buying my 261 now, my needle bearing shattered into a million pieces, oiler arm - non-exsistent and has worn down the diameter of the crank - almost a write off I was told. Got it fixed though and is fine now. But was told grease the needle bearing as much as you dare and don't over work the chain break.
  12. <p>Hello Steve, I have loads of powerline clearance work if you are interested (its not everyones cup of tea) and it is around your area (Bridport, Lyme Regis). You would need to get a couple of tickets though. I will give you a call tomoz. My number is 07713563374.</p>

  13. As the title suggests, I'm 24, I have achieved CS 30,31,38,39. I'm hard working, reliable and a clean drivers license. Have my own kit. Thanks Contact Details: Steve Toms 07826 030 706
  14. Had mine break already, pretty sure this is what you mean right ? STEIN EURO SLOT Clip - Chainsaw - Headware Online Stein Kask Helmets Buy UK


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