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    Brush cutters

    i have used the back pack, i cant see the point to be honest. the harness that comes withe 545 and 555 is superior to the 553 unit. its also very heavy and awkward. the vibs are much higher, its more expensive, awkward to store and transport as the drive does not easily disconnect. stick with the 555/545, much better!
  2. probably just needs a tune. mole valley will not have pdi'd it except screw on the trimmer head and guard. it will meed to go back either to them to sort out unless u know someone who is handy at tuning a machine. it will have limiter caps so these will need to be pulled back to adjust to a richer setting.
  3. possibly the instructor meant it was ok for training/test? Most regions are very strict on the Go/RT compliance.
  4. out of curiosity, i tried working in a jacket with saw protection in the arms and shoulders, lasted all of about 2 mins before the heat was so bad, i thought i was going to pass out lol! im in camp type A!!
  5. Annoyingly, the metal was originally called aluminum...british/european scientists wanted to rename it in line with other metals like sodium, magnesium etc so we called it aluminium! My brother in law is american, when he came over to the uk in the early days of marriage to my sister he shouted down the stairs to my sis... "have you seen my khaki pants?" we pissed ourselves laughing much to his confusion.
  6. ...and then charge you 5 x price of other fans 😜
  7. mr dyson seems to have figured out a solution with his fans!
  8. Who remembers the hoffmans mechanic from series 1? nice bloke, crippled with a dodgy back, in case u missed the episode recently, they announced he died suddenly. at least he isnt suffering now.
  9. i love it! one of the best shows on tv 👍
  10. I have speed cam alerts on satnav(tomtom) but its clearly not very good lol. 🚔
  11. Mines a bit too quick...just got a letter from the local plod, i owe them £100 dammit
  12. got a pic of the hat? hope ur collar bone is fixed ok.
  13. i asked the dealer why the running lights go off when u apply the handbrake...he laughed and said no way. after he checked mine and 2 others on the forecourt he conceded and said i dunno, power saving??? The fogs are on the indicator stalk. you have a knurled bit that does the rears i think, but twist the tip, this turns on your fogs. been a while since i used them but will check in the morning.
  14. formatting a drive wont delete the data. its still there and could be recovered by a smart arse if they wanted. better off just keeping the pc or remove the hard drive and retain it and sell the case. you can get free software that can completely overwrite the files that will eliminate the data but this needs to run from a boot disk and does require some IT savvy if you want try that route. Another option is to remove the drive and connect to another pc. the pc will recognise the new drive a bit like it will recognise a usb stick...then you can use some software to fully delete the data.
  15. i managed to get a blackthorn needle in my arm. when pulling away some cuttings that had got caught up, when i tugged it really hard it came away, spun round and 'bit me'. i dont mind saying i was in bloody agony! it managed to hit a nerve in my arm and after nearly passing out 3 times in A&E while they were poking about in a 2" hole they made in my arm trying to find it, they finally got the bugger. it was long it nearly came out the other side of my arm (i only got skinny arms mind lol) 😂 i give that stuff the respect it deserves when working on it. hateful stuff!
  16. apparently no other animals can find more ways to die than a sheep! they are experts at it lol. its nice to be good at something! good save Jon! 👍
  17. In that case i must be seriously unwell...irritating little f%$3er in my opinion lol
  18. 2 years / 600 charges on husky, i dont know what stihl offer.
  19. it was painful to watch. i like the guy, comes across very well usually and one of few politicians in the tv limelight i would believe a word of what they were saying. stay strong Sir.
  20. bib and brace are a bit marmite tbh. personally i dont like them. depends on what the job is your taking on if they are appropriate.
  21. nope, wrong colour and insufficient amount of orange and reflex.


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