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  1. jamiep

    Brash/Waste Disposal Site Needed

    Brilliant, thanks Steve 👍
  2. jamiep

    Brash/Waste Disposal Site Needed

    Hi Steve and thanks very much. My postcode is GL14 3EG, any help is very much appreciated, thanks again 😎
  3. Hi All, anyone on here know of any brash/waste sites in or near the Forest of Dean, Ross on Wye areas please? Any help greatly appreciated, tia
  4. jamiep

    Cordwood Needed

    Hi All, Does anyone have any hardwood cord/half cord for sale in and around the GL14, GL15 and GL16 postcodes? Looking for small amounts please. Any help greatly appreciate, many thanks. Jamie
  5. jamiep

    Small chippers

    Hi Gaz, I bought one of these and it's performed flawlessly. Can't praise it highly enough! And at this price, it pays for itself in no time. Cheers, Jamie
  6. Hi, The IRATA systems are fully recognised by HSE and are time proven. Might be worth exploring that route as a possibility. The Lyon Equipment/Petzl guys are very switched on with that type of equipment and systems, they're very highly recommended. Hope that helps. Regards, JamieP
  7. jamiep

    BEAL Semi static ropes

    Hi mate, The Beal ropes are superb for tree work. They're designed for industrial rope access so are incredibly hard wearing. Bear in mind that ropes are either static or dynamic so you wouldn't want to take a fall on a Beal rope. The IRATA, rescue teams and military people use these all the time so they're well tried and tested. As long as you go for a Type - A (life support rated at 100kgs test weight), you'll have no problems with safety and insurance requirements. Hope that helps, cheers. Jamie
  8. jamiep

    Laying a Hazel hedge - sap flow

    Hi mate, yeah just crack on with it. It won't make the slightest bit of difference to re-growth. I've been doing it for 16 years now and the hedge will grow in exactly the same way as when the sap is down. Hope that helps.
  9. jamiep

    This makes good sense

    This needs to be made public knowledge.
  10. jamiep


    Hi Simon, Thanks very much, I'll give you a call. Thanks again, Jamie
  11. jamiep


    Hi All, Does anyone know of any coppicing woodland for sale/rent near the GL16 postcode, I'm looking for hedge laying and hurdle making materials. Thanks in advance

    <p>Hi All,</p>

    <p>Does anyone know of any coppice woodland for sale/rent near GL16 postcode? I'm looking for hazel and or chestnut for hedge laying materials and hurdle making materials. Thanks in advance,</p>


  13. jamiep

    MS171 or MS181c

    Hi Minotaur, I've been using a 171 for just over 2 years and found it to be perfect for carving, hedge laying and general work that's not too demanding. Carving bars and picco micro chains are easily available to fit but you may need to change the drive sprocket as well - depending on the bar you use. I've not used a 181 but I believe it's a slightly upgraded but also slightly heavier model. Can't fault the 171 but you might want to consider selling one or both and having a look at the new MS150. I tried one at my local dealers and am seriously considering buying one. It's super lightweight and has a better power to weight ratio than the 171 and 181. Hope that's useful info for you, all the best mate. Jamie
  14. jamiep

    Stationary Rope Technique

    Hi All, Rope work causes healthy discussion amongst us and all have our own personal preferences whilst using ropes but the bottom line is that we are proficient, competent and safe when using them in the tree. It's equally as important to know how and when to check your equipment too. It's shocking how many users aren't aware of the potential dangers of not maintaining and storing climbing kit properly. Please don't get blasé or be afraid to ask if you're not sure about anything, it's the best thing in the world when we go home safely at the end of each day to see the wife and kids so any knowledge that we can get only makes us safer. There's loads of information available on the web from HSE ACOPs and guidance etc. through to equipment manufacturers guidelines and instructions. The IRATA guidelines are a bit daunting at first but their standards are, in my personal opinion, the highest in the rope users world so it's well worth reading up on them. Stay safe and double check everything
  15. jamiep

    ICOP Tree Work at Height - calls for expression of interest

    Hi Paul, A Code of Practice of this nature is an excellent idea. Improving levels of knowledge and safety standards in any industry is always a good thing and will benefit everyone in the arb industry. The IRATA route is well established worldwide and has incredibly high standards and an enviable safety record. HSE have a very high regard for IRATA because of the above mentioned points. Having trained and worked in this area, I can't recommend it highly enough. Looking forward to see how it developes, all the best with it. Regards, Jamie


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