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  1. I've recently acquired a quad to use on sites; accessing across fields, doing fencing, etc. I'll also be doing short distances on the road. It's registered as an agricultural machine on the V5, but I'm struggling to find someone who'll insure it on it's own, most agricultural insurers (NFU, Cornish Mutual, etc) will only insure alongside an existing policy. The previous owner had it insured through their fleet policy. Does anyone have any advice of insurers who may quote for me? Thank you.
  2. Based on what? To comply with regulation, yes. Even though they are underground, they can still be working at height.
  3. Your Petzl helmet is fine for groundwork, as long as the chin strap isn't done up. Hope this helps.
  4. It can very much depend on what you want/ are willing/ able to do and where you will work. There is usually quite a bit of lower paid monkey work doing window cleaning and mastic application type stuff, especially in London. Alternatively, get your foot in the door with a decent company by doing the odd day here and there and building up a reputation as a hard worker. Unfortunately,the nature of the industry can mean that you can work 6 days one week and then not hear from them for a month. Having your own kit and other relevant tickets will help (IPAF, PTS, PASMA, CSCS, etc).
  5. Mozfest

    PTS course

    A good tip would be to learn your phonetic alphabet, if you don't already know it. Apart from that, it's pretty straightforward.
  6. Thanks for the info! Doesn't sound like I can just nip outside and cut a couple up then:biggrin: I think I'll put aside the next nice looking piece I get and see if I have the patience to see it out.... Thanks again Rob
  7. Hi there, was wondering how you make sure that the boards don't warp after cutting? Are they seasoned the same as firewood and then cut? I'm new to all this but really like the look of them and fancy a go. Thanks in advance, Rob


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