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  1. Do you mean you want to lock a container, or lock up some chains with a padlock? If you're locking up a chain then it's best to have the chain off the ground at the point where you attach the lock to protect the padlock from hammer/chisel attacks and make it harder to use a grinder on it. Of course they could just cut the chain around the padlock, so no point getting a padlock that's too expensive. You can buy the Squire ws75s for £60 at MachineMart https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/squire-ws75s-container-lock/?da=1&TC=GS-090210075&gclid=CO7u0a3J29ACFdS4GwodAHsNnw
  2. This isn't really a Tree related **** up, but this is what could happen when Felling a chimney stack with a digger. Fred Dibnah would not approve [ame] [/ame]
  3. This made me think of the Top Trump cards we used to have when were kids, we should make a Top Trumps Chipper card set, this would help me decide what chipper to buy. Categories ? Length Height Wight Hp Chipping diameter Top Speed Chip per hour rating Range/fuel capacity on one tank off road capability/tracked etc..
  4. enrieb

    Elbow pain?

    I can't really recommend much, there are so many potential causes and fixes for Carpal tunnel. It's always best to see a private sports physio, they understand physically demanding jobs more than a normal NHS physio, that might just be dealing with elderly patients or people with sore wrists from typing. this page has some info on massaging and stretching parts of the hand that can cause pressure on the Medial Nerve. Athletes Training Athletes :: Self Muscle Massage- pt 17 Hand Usually carpal tunnel pain results from swelling putting pressure on the nerve, so ibroprofen or ice can help reduce swelling.
  5. enrieb

    Elbow pain?

    The physio gave me general rotator cuff exercises, the supraspinatus was speciffically targeted as being weak. Any youtube video about supraspinatus will show a few different excercies. I would also recommend scapular pull ups and other scapular stabilisation exercises as well, after looking into it. rotator cuff strengthening [ame] [/ame] theres a really good 1hour 30minuet lecture on the shoulder by the guy who did the above video. [ame] [/ame] The link to the Athletes Treating Athletes website explains why shoulder/posture issues cause elbow tendon problems (half way down the page are two informative pictures) http://www.athletestreatingathletes.com/ata-blog/2013/02/tennis-elbow/
  6. enrieb

    Elbow pain?

    I got with it when i first started climbing, I went to see a sports physio and they did some checks. She said for someone who climbs i had weak upper back (climbing) muscles. I was using my biceps, and brachialis to pull the rope through the prussic, which caused the muscle to become overused and tight, this would then pull on the tendon in the elbow causing pain. They gave me some corrective exercise to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles to keep the shoulder in place and to strengthen the scapular and lats. She said if I had kept on climbing like that, I would have damaged my shoulder eventually. A good test is, if you do a wide grip pull up and use your biceps then you're doing it wrong, you should drive your elbows down and pull with your lats. tennis elbow Athletes Training Athletes :: Blog
  7. Shoulder Impingement, Pain and Injury Rehabilitation Lecture 1 hour 30 [ame] [/ame]
  8. In summary, overuse injuries eventually become acute injuries. Tendons don't like change, an increase in load or a decrease in load on the tendon can cause problems. I have some more in-depth audio podcasts from Physioedge on tendonpathy. If anyone wants the links, they have interviews with the leading researchers in the field. ------------- For shoulder issues, this is an very in-depth, and excellent lecture on shoulder impingement. Shoulder impingement syndrome. Lecture 1 hour 30 minuets [ame] [/ame]
  9. Wolverson are a good company. But you can also get hold of second hand ones for half the price on ebay or gumtree, as long as they are local. The cost of p+p would be expensive to have them delivered due to the weight, but buying local and collecting them save a few quid. It also limits the number of bidders, so you can get some good bargins. Wolverson also sell some adjustable ones, 40kg which goes all the way down to 12kg, and a 32kg that drops to 12kg. These are quite expensive though, but worth it for the space they take up and it saves you buying more. I got some cheap off ebay
  10. Sometimes it's not always about how good a worker you are, it can be about how confident you are communicating with your boss. This can be because you might have a difficult boss, or that you might not be good at negotiating. I used to be quite poor at communicating and negotiating for better pay, even though I was a serious grafter, while others who were better at negotiating and had the gift of the gab would get a better wage, and get all the easy work despite not being good grafters. That sort of thing is a really is a management mistake in judgment, but at the same time its hard for the manager to see sometimes, because the lazy guy who talks the talk, is always kissing their arse. e.g. I would do a really difficult job and not complain or say a word, job done, no problems. Whereas another chap would do a relatively easy job, but make out that it was the hardest thing in the world, and go on about it forever and how incredible a worker they were for completing the job. This usually resulted in me, doing my doing all the hard work, my best for a firm, but not getting the rewards. Eventually I planned long term and built up equipment and set up for myself. Alternatively you could look up the art of negotiating and get a better deal for yourself.
  11. This would be really useful for training new people.
  12. Machine Mart have these squire ws75s which are good for the price £60, they cost £75 at screwfix https://www.machinemart.co.uk/shop/product/details/squire-ws75s-container-lock edit: £45 ex vat Squire WS75S Container Padlock
  13. theres one on ebay Greenmech CS100 Woodchipper | eBay
  14. Maybe having a few old rolls of kitchen lino will be good to put down. Get some off cuts from a local carpet fitting firm.
  15. Hey! I resent that. Barbie got those black eyes while jogging! --------------------- What about the Arrow shooter for the throwline??


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