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  1. Treestuff

    Thanks gentleman with in minuets of posting on Here I had reply from them . All sorted
  2. Treestuff

    Hi all placed an order with Treestuff yesterday order was accepted given conformation number then got message saying invalid order number coustomer not found payment not found cheqed with bank money today money's been taken Have been sending messages through their comments page but no response the Treestuff.com web page does not exist does any one a web address for them or had problems with orders from them Thanks :thumbdown:
  3. Tray

    Looking for a tray for back of the pick up apox 100cm x 60 x 20 cm or slightly larger plastic or robber as a spill tray - storage looked on line but it's doing me in cant find what I'm looking for so have come to the wise men
  4. Habegger

    Many thanks will send e mail
  5. Habegger

    Just managed to lay my hands on a Willy Habegger winch needs a good coat of looking at ,any stockists or agents in the uk also needs new 8.4 mm rope where's the best place to buy thanks
  6. 3to1

    Want to set up a 3to1 pull line not a heavy load . Two pulleys and a Prussic what Prussic loop to get Thanks
  7. Hard head

    Morning Does any one sell HARD HEAD felling wedges in the uk thanks
  8. 6 Nations 2016

  9. Hard head

    Morning all does anyone in the uk sell hard head wedges ,also after a decent wedge pouch that can hold a 2/3 wedges at a time thanks and enjoy the day
  10. Age of saws

    Thanks for the info lads ,when buying a saw from a dealer how old is to old as in been sitting in the shop or store for months or longer
  11. Age of saws

    Good evening all went in to a largish garden centre today they sell a small amount of Husqvarna equipment and spotted a 395 Xp Asked about it and was told they thought it was two years old approx with out digging out paper work How could I tell the age of the saw !!! Do they Carrie a year of manufacture date on them some where Thanks all
  12. T Bar & Hex wrench

    Looking for a short 13mm T Bar socket +5mm hex wrench can find sets and long bars .Need a good on line toolshop.Anyone know of one
  13. 3/8 sprockets

    Evening all runing a550xp with a15in bar on3/8 chain would like to try an 8pin sprocket tryed a couple of places on here but no joy any one know were I could get one Many thanks
  14. Bench lights

    Managed to tidy shed today looking for some better lighting over the bench for when working on things strip lights ok but looking for something brighter any recomodations thanks all
  15. Skyland

    Received my order yesterday . Not much off the shelf stuff so Mark had to put it together . HE called me to keep in touch and tell me how it was coming along . It took a few weeks but all good so thank you Mark for such great service . Can't recomend then enough :thumbup:


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