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  1. Send logbook in with change of body type box filled in with the word Tipper Then ring your insurance & tell the of the modifications and away you go There's no need for an mot as the tipper body & the original body are bolt off / on parts ☺
  2. the best strength to weight ratio for a load bed I have found is alloy planks but there bloody expensive! but bloody strong I did a similar project to carry a 1.6 ton mini digger on a 3.5 ton truck! the alloy planks were up to the job!! & kept the truck inside 3500kg limit ;-) keep an eye on ebay and the like for them last load I got cost £250 & they came off a 7.5 ton recovery truck so there was enough to cover 20-22 feet in length & each plank was 7 foot long
  3. Horsey types will pay good money for a knackered horse box! If you've already started cutting it up it's too late!!! If all you need is a flat bed with a ramp cut the roof off cut the sides down go a few inches above the load bed then trim the sides down level with the load bed neatly bob an Ali angle trim over where you've cut the sides off Bolt a good sized van vault on the back one that will take your blinds shovels take n a chain saw jobs a good un ! You may need to support the tailgate on beaver tails before I've used a piece of steel as a brace on one side if the tail gate that holds in place with a toggle catch & the used a rachet strap on the other side to hold the tailgate tight & stop it from rattling ;-)
  4. I'd of sold the horse box n bought a flat bed or beaver tail truck & modified that to suit!
  5. That's rip off britian for you!
  6. New builds are a good way to get work!! You need decent leaflets do a drop now see what you get then do another drop end of March / start of April ;-) I've always had good response from leaflets on new builds!
  7. Those boys are quick at getting cabstars away!!! Or any truck for that matter!!!
  8. I have always priced for planting jobs I deal with trade nursery's for the plants, trees etc & then charge garden centre prices for them! It's always worked for me I have had the odd person ask me to do jobs by the hour I just politely explain that I don't charge by the hour but by the job so they know exactly how much they are paying ! ;-)
  9. yup only pallets that are heat treated normally marked HT are ok for kindling!!
  10. pallet wood & any other type of joiners off cuts will go through a kindlet or any other kindling machine!! you just have to spend an age cutting the pallets up to fit the machine!!
  11. Lol Ok I'm not reet good at spelling!! Lol
  12. your missus drives it better than you do!! at least she can reach the pedals with out sitting on a cusion!
  13. those Sanderson attachments I told you about Johny are still sat in the weeds if you ever need em! ;-)
  14. Aaaarrrrrrgggg Yes that's the lama song!!!! Bloody albino black sheep!!!


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