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  1. It is a healthy tree on common land, and therefore not available.
  2. Petersfield in Hampshire 👍 Cheers Wonky.
  3. Yes, delivery likely to be a bit much from you up there 😄
  4. As little as possible of course! For the right piece I am allowing £750 delivered.
  5. Hello all, I posted a similar post in the chainsaw carving section a while ago with no luck so am trying here. I am looking for a 2 m curved Oak log, 0.8 m minimum diameter. It is for a public art commission which you can see details of here: Portal Project I have four of the five sections but am really struggling to find a good curved log for the final section. I have attached a photo of the perfect tree which laughs at me every day on my regular dog walk. It is perfectly healthy and I think the locals would be quite upset with me if I felled it in the middle of the night, but if things get desperate... Thanks, Philip.
  6. That's a name I have heard before, I will try him also! Thanks.
  7. Thanks. Lumpy indeed, and less common than I had hoped. The piece will be installed at a site in Tatsfield. Great view, bit far from home. Thanks, I will ping him an email now!
  8. Green Oak, in the round. Can be character grade I guess, but no/minimal decay and no metal.
  9. Hello all, I am not sure if this is the best place for this post, so apologies if not! I have an upcoming public art commission for the Surrey Hills Inspiring Views project (Surrey Hills Inspiring Views) which is an Oak framed 'Portal' structure that will serve to frame the view and also provide a seat as a pitstop along the North Downs Way. I am looking to purchase large diameter curved oak sections for the project so if you have any, or can point me in the direction of someone who can help please get in touch. It is proving tricky to find the curved sections at the size I need. The structure will consist of five sections, one bottom section 500 mm square with a deflection of around 180 mm, two side sections tapering from 500 to 400 mm with a deflection of around 200 mm and two top sections tapering from 400 to 300 mm with a deflection of 220 mm. All five sections will need to be around 2 m in length and round diameters will be 800 mm for the largest section down to 700 mm and 600 mm for the other sections. The workshop is based in Petersfield, Hampshire so looking for timber as local to there as possible. 07886092010 Philip Philip Walker Sculpture
  10. So I have been thinking about this for a few years... I would love to take people out tree climbing (purely recreational), perhaps even run training courses and basic introduction courses. Whilst I am confident in my own ability and my ability to teach, I am certainly not qualified or insured/protected. So I am wondering what I would need to do to make this feasable. Would I need to become an instructor? What sort of insurance would I need? Any thoughts? This is very much in the pondering stage at the moment but it would be a fun thing to do.
  11. We have a army chap in his late 30's work for us when he is on leave. He is seeing out the last of 22 years and plans to work full time as an arborist when he leaves. His fitness levels are insane and his attitude is absolutely perfect, I see him climbing into his 50's. So it can be done and you should go for it if thats what you fancy. My advise would be to get as much experience as often as you can. Qualified in 28 days maybe, but those qualifications will mean almost nothing against experience.
  12. My old favourite saw! The chain brake handle has snapped, does anyone know where I could get a replacement? Or if a newer handle could be adapted to fit? Thanks
  13. CS30, 31, 38, 39 essential. PM for details, thanks.
  14. Thanks, phone pics really don't do them justice, working on getting decent photos for a website! They look a bit small and flat for my needs, although it is always difficult to guage size from photos. Where are you? Might be worth a look. Do you have any photos of your work? A website? I would be interested to see.


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