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  1. The bears will still dump in the woods, as the welfare unit is always too far away. Hope you site it in a shady spot.
  2. On the search again for good, reliable freelance Climbers & Groundsmen. 07971 571312.
  3. Be polite, or put on your best foreign accent, shrug shoulders and say "no english" and crack on. Always give a cheery wave when stared at.
  4. simont

    Oi Bullman

    Same here, started last night, thought I pressed something.
  5. simont

    day rates

    shh... the damn thing will hear you.
  6. simont

    Aswarby sawmill

    Excellent, quick turn around for tipping chip and logs.
  7. Is there 4 relays next to the engine. My 2004 150 did exactly the same, changed all 4 never had problems since. Think they are headlight relays but got mine from spectrum.
  8. Still looking for freelance climbers and Groundsmen. Please, only reliable and with a get up and go attitude. 07971 571312.
  9. No problem, call me tomorrow. 07971 571312.
  10. On the look out again for additional experienced freelance climbers & Groundsmen. Covering, Nottingham, Leicester & Derby. Call - 07971 571312
  11. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/644424/introducing-roadworthiness-testing-fast-tractors-government-response-to-consultation.pdf
  12. Always payment on completion. If they want an invoice sending for bank transfer, will only wait 2 - 3 days before the reminder is sent. In my mind there is no excuse for late payment.
  13. Get a decent climber in and you stay on the ground. To start with, just use a trailer to remove brash no need to splash out and buy a van & Chipper straight away. Buy tools as and when needed, and for lowering, a rope over a crotch will be enough to get you started and keep costs to a minimum. Keep the day job for as long as possible and work weekends, bring the Mrs in to help as they don,t need paying. (Luckily mine has gone shopping so wont read this.) Above all, you will know this. Dont get into debt. Been going 6yrs and to start with got a lot of advise from reading Steve Blair and Tom D posts. They covered everything from marketing, quoting and working efficiently.
  14. Bump. Still looking for additional freelance Climbers & Groundsmen. Good rates of pay for the right hardworking person. Call - 07971 571312.
  15. Black Orchid! can remember going there on a Monday night. Oh the good old days.
  16. Still looking for additional Freelance Climbers & Groundsmen. Call 07971 571312.
  17. Due to an increase in workload we are looking for additional Freelance Climbers & Groundsmen. Covering Nottingham, Leicester & Derby. 07971 571312
  18. Am sure when i replaced mine, the 3 bolts that you have taken out i then screwed into the other holes that are threaded. Tighten up, that should push off the pulley. On the taper, there is a grub screw on the rim, undo this and the taper should come off. Don,t like i did, hammer a screwdriver into the slot on the taper to prise apart as it suffs it. Or wack it with a hammer as this stuffs it also.
  19. Due to an increase in work, i am after an experienced freelance climber. Based nr East Midlands airport & covering Nottingham, Derby & Leicester. Call 07971 571312.
  20. Still on the lookout for additional help. Experienced climbers only please. Payment same day as invoice issued. Call 07971 571312.
  21. Due to increase in work load, we are again on the lookout for additional freelance Climbers and Groundsmen. reliable, hard working only please, mostly job and knock. Payment same day as invoice. Call 07971 571312
  22. From what i have read, Bob has the patience of a saint. Best picture was of the 360 that returned after a job, lads beat the hell out of it. Would have beat the hell out of the lads if it where my machine.


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