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  1. I've got two saws and a short hedgetrimmer, all Husky and all in the 536 range, which are the most powerful and I'm pleased with them all. The hedgetrimmer has no problems with many of the larger bits of hedge which the 2-stroke used to struggle over. My whinge at the moment though is that I'm trying to get the pole hedgetrimmer and the strimmer but the delivery dates to the dealers from Husqvarna just seem to be getting further away each time I've asked what's happening. The latest estimate is some time in October, though I ordered both at the beginning of August. Surprising as Husqvarna has such a good reputation.
  2. Have I missed it this year? Dammit ... :-(
  3. That includes import charges
  4. You could always get a 562xp from the States - only £416 plus about £25 p&p ... New HUSQVARNA 562XP Chainsaw 20" Bar & Chain Authorized Crown Dealer | eBay
  5. Great result for the amount raised ... and delighted with my own prize :-) I'd forgotten all about the raffle till I found UPS had delivered it!
  6. Thanks for your thoughts, folks. It's given me some more to think about. Not sure about a virtual secretary though ... sounds a bit modern for this old boy :-)
  7. Thinking of taking on a secretary to handle the phone, take messages, sort out advertising, wages, take details of jobs and so on - just a small crew, not a huge business. I'm wondering how much would be a fair daily/weekly wage for such work? I've tried leaving my dog to deal with it and she's OK with dealing with salesmen but stuff all else ... If it's not breaking any confidences, what would you pay (a rough figure would be fine of course) such a person? Thanks
  8. A friend of mine is in Team Rubicon, a US volunteer organisation made up mostly of former US Marines, who deploy to disaster areas. She (yes, they have ladies too) has mentioned in the past that people who can use chainsaws and can think and act without having to be overseen (and can operate out of tents/vehicles/whatever is available) are always needed.
  9. I'm the same as KGBFINGAR - one 10mg Omeprazole each morning and no problem all day; just have to remember to take it or I start getting a bit windy/heartburn later. Had it for about the same time too.
  10. I've thought of using Aspen, though I have used white spirit, turps substitute or Screwfix industrial wipes and they all work. Not all together. The wipes from B&Q are far too harsh for my delicate skin.
  11. Yeah, the problem of hearing your phone while using a saw is a bit of a drawback ...
  12. Though, for those who prefer Husqvarna ... Husqvarna Download Ringtones
  13. Great name for a website ... :-)
  14. I hadn't - thanks for the suggestion, Ross!


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