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  1. Been styled by the same fella who knocks out those ninety quid "stilh like husqwarna" saws by the looks of it.
  2. What lengths? Did a job before Christmas and not sure what the owners doing with the timber, it's mixed hardwood mostly diameters you want and enough to fill an articish.
  3. Just discovered my feb 09 supercab ranger has a little button on the right near the drivers knee, which allows the key to be removed. Caught it with my knee at somepoint whilst driving got home turned it off took the key out and it carried on running! Took thicko me ten minutes to figure out! Only had it three years and had no idea this button existed. Just thought you'd all like to know.
  4. Can sometimes be easier to have the bollard or capstan on a neighbouring tree if everything is being lowered of a central top anchor. Means the stuff coming down isn't on top of the tail of the lowering rope. Especially if only two of you so no extra set of hands to direct the lump as it gets near the ground. Does that make sense?
  5. The quality of the driver is the first consideration after that it's tyres and then the vehicle in my experience. If the rav has decent tyres I'd save the fuel money and put a couple of bags of grit sand and a shovel in the boot. If it looks suspect stop on road/ground you can get going again on and walk any dodgy bits and plan it, job jobbed for me. Or just wait for the lads passport to come through and fly to the alps and watch grannies drive clios up sheet ice to buy a loaf.
  6. I've got the older version of the treehog and it's due for replacement, shame they've removed the left hand gear loops. What about a silver bull harness bag? I've got the larger one and the tail of my lanyard goes in it along with first aid kit and spare sling and crab. Frees up a bit of space, if you can deal with people laughing at you until they realise it's a good idea.
  7. Not bark but Leylandii is good for spikes skipping out when you lean forward or two one side if you've been lazy when kicking in! Maybe I should stop being lazy!
  8. Daythe trees


    The one question on pay which comes around often is 'how old are you?'. I get it but don't at the same time. Someone is worth what they're worth and that's dependent on qualifications, ability, attitude and how they fit in with the team regardless of who or what they are. I have a mate who is 20 and is the hardest working and most mature lad of that age I've ever met. Yet I get asked by thirty year old plus blokes if they can have some work and after a morning I'm cursing saying yes. Age for me on that basis is no measure of how much someone should be paid. I shall await the lambasting patiently!
  9. I understand hand cutting is a smaller sector of forestry than it was and hopefully will be in future at the moment. However I've recently had a few subbies on trial churned out by a couple of training providers and the basics of felling and snedding aren't taught. We do arb so adapting the traditional felling cuts is par for the course but when the space allows they don't go back to basics they just stand any old side and cut any old how and hope for the best. Really winds me up, I'm hoping for an offer of some hand cutting work don't care if we don't make or loose if it teaches the lads to fell and dress timber correctly!
  10. After the threads about central chipper grease banks it's time to fit grease nipples on my tr6. I've not stripped a thread for a while so why not over the Christmas shutdown? I can get 110 grease nipples of amazon for less than a tenner, I'm guessing these won't be the best. So which brand to look for? Price isn't really an issue but I won't be buying platinum ones! Thanks folks.
  11. Good one bob, I arrange to get rid of the chip for free at a tree nursery, allotments etc on the basis that it is clean. Low and behold drop it off and it's full of fag ends, coke cans or worst one yet a buggered chain nearly brand new which someone didn't have the balls to own up to cutting brick with and just say I will sharpen that back at the yard on Friday afternoon if that's alright chris? I'm going to stop reading this thread before I give myself a coronary!
  12. Daythe trees


    I currently have a pair of "sleeping bags", a pair of hi viz arbor techs, a pair of pfanner arborists and a pair husqvarna technicals. And the winner is pfanner! The only exception is sleeping bags when grounding in proper cold and not moving much.
  13. Poor rope management when rigging and leaving kit scattered about the place like a mad woman's s**t! Those two get me mad, I have to breathe deep and count to ten.
  14. Ah, I see! So it seems I'm stupid, no cure found in thirty years so I vote no. Stupid is incurable!
  15. Is the issue that someone cut the cable or something else? Cutting the law mower cable by making sure I went over it was my favourite way of getting out of cutting the grass as a kid, maybe this is a similar situation!


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