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  1. Hello, Could do with some help for the odd job or two in the Inverness area. Ideally climber with own kit, but still interested to hear from qualified groundstaff. Please PM if of interest. Cheers, Loz
  2. Old brace on Beech

    I would be interested to know what you decided with this one, Paul? cheers, loz
  3. Fountains utility's

    Done plenty of survey work for them in the past - they always treated me very well. No probs with payment for the last few years. Cheers, Loz
  4. What to do with this tree?

    Give it a height reduction. You wouldn't necessarily have to take too much to reduce the perceived risk, I am sure it would recover. Anyway, trees contribute a lot more than just aesthetic value! If its one or the other, then I think the concept of felling a tree just because it looks unsightly in the short term is pretty outdated now. Cheers, Loz
  5. Thanks all, sorted now, but will make a note for 6 months time! Cheers, Loz
  6. Tree Survey Guidance Note 2015

    Hi Paul, Typical, it just arrived today and yes your right - its the same! Thanks for the message though Loz
  7. Tree Survey Guidance Note 2015

    Great, thanks. I thought as much, just wanted to check there was some new content. Cheers
  8. Hello, Just wondered if the new (2015) AA Guidance note 7 Tree Surveys; a guide to good practice is worth getting? Is it much of an update on the 2005 version? Arboricultural Association - Guidance Note 7 Thanks!
  9. Hello, Recently moved back to Inverness areas so things are pretty quiet. Looking to pick up some casual freelance work to subsidise other things. Over 10 years experience in Arb, ticketed up to CS41. Enthusiastic, hard-working, reliable and friendly! Please PM if interested and I can send over more details. Cheers! Loz
  10. Hello, Can anyone point me to a LOLER inspector up north, ideally in Inverness area? Cheers!
  11. Beech disease opinions

    Interesting. The tree owner is a practical farmer type, so ground investigation won't be happening. I think the approach will be to just wait and see how bad it gets, its now weighted away from road so no reason to remove asap. ref soil replacement; i presume you mean after the tree has been removed?!
  12. Beech disease opinions

    Spot on. The dead limb was removed after bark loss and dysfunction ( approx 4 months ago)
  13. Beech disease opinions

    sorry about the pics, rotating them doesnt seem to work. Must remember to shoot in landscape mode.
  14. Beech disease opinions

    No sign on this tree. There is however on another beech about 200m up the road.


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