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  1. Treemoose

    ArbDogs? Pics!

  2. Treemoose

    Greenmech quadchip flywheel wear

    I have wear on my flywheel from a failed bearing and was just wondering if I can change that shaft that the bearing fits onto or if I will need a whole new flywheel? also wondering what sort of cost I’m looking at as Greenmech are shut for the weekend. Cheers
  3. Treemoose

    Hummin’ a tune in a tight spot

    Singing this when lowering conifer hedges on rainy days
  4. Treemoose

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Nice looking at this thread and your dogs. Our first pup willow 6months now
  5. Treemoose

    Lame Facebook positivity memes.

    Your welcome.
  6. Treemoose

    The worst thing you can hit with a saw

    Me too
  7. Treemoose

    Hard at work on a Friday afternoon...

    That's the best tree video I have seen in a long time, great vibes 😄
  8. Treemoose

    What species of softwood is this?

    Made some hooks for my girls room as it was nice and pink.
  9. Treemoose

    What species of softwood is this?

    Looks like the inside of a redwood branch
  10. Treemoose

    burr horse chestnut

    Wanted a little side table for coffee/tea beside an armchair. Horse chestnut burr with hazel legs.
  11. Haha embrace each faze as it comes Al
  12. I turned 30 this year and it struck me that I have never had any substantial time off the booze. Also my second daughter was a few months old and I wanted to help my wife out as best I could. My business that's been going for a few years now is just getting a firm hold of being established and work keeps getting better and busier. And we bought our first proper house. Alcahol was just getting in the way. Feel more firm on my feet than ever now, keeping everything as balanced as I can. Time for a pint!
  13. Did your abcess clear up mate?
  14. Yeah not even a wine gum. It's gotten harder over the last couple months as the closer I get the more I can taste it! Iv enjoyed it and learned a lot. Hopefully I won't do it again
  15. Looking forward to a drink on New Years. How did you get on this year?


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