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  1. The oregon ones were great. I don't think they do them now if I recall. Made hand sharpening very easy imo. Other option is just a standard bench vice and clamp the whole saw in, but this will be the cheapest option over a decent vice
  2. gand

    Flip lines

    I'll try to have a root through some older stock, you never know what I could find
  3. I've got the scars from cutting this stuff. It looked like I'd glued some primer bubbles to my arms, wasn't pleasant to live with. I didn't even know it was there. I'm the same cover up best I can
  4. gand

    Best blower?

    The problem with the ergostart is you don't need to pull as hard as other machines. Yet a lot of folk seem to pull them over like trying to start an 088, I've been guilty of it myself if I'm honest
  5. It is what it is. Husqvarna are struggling as are Stihl, to deliver all machines. It's not helped with the pandemic and now the war. I know some Stihl parts are made are made in the Ukraine and most probably Husqvarna have stuff made there aswell. I know it sounds like I'm making excuses for them, but that's the way it is
  6. It's not like it hasn't happened before. Remember the T540
  7. Where are you based? Best bet is to try some on. Harnesses can be such a personal thing. What's best for one isn't necessarily the best for another. The Dragon 2 looks very uncomfortable and more like a rock climbing harness. If you want a basic tree harness have a look at the Komet Butterfly. I rate these personally as a basic harness and never had a complaint with it. I recommend most new starters to get one before moving up onto something like the treemotion evo, which the want because all the cool kids wear them 😎
  8. Your little one looks happy as larry in there. Hope she's well. I know she's only a few weeks older than my lass. We've got a new Harkie rope bag on display in the shop that she's tried to climb in to a couple of times. She loves messing with the kit on display
  9. Can't say I've checked to be honest, I'll try and find out
  10. I've tried the carbon one's and the alloy. Very comfy. Made in the same factory.
  11. To be honest I couldn't tell you what model it is until I'm stood in front of it. All I know is, it's very similar to the portek one we have in stock.
  12. It's a oregon one, manual clamp takes no time at all to be honest. It probably only takes less than a second to knock the clamp on
  13. Also I'd say 85% of sharpening is domestic/agricultural
  14. We charge £6.50 +vat for chains up to 25" and £8.50 if above. It's a couple of quid more if on the machine, and the saw gets a good clean at the same time.
  15. I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking it 👍
  16. Either grind them flat or use them to make a template to make a flat set then you have both for when you need them. 10/15 mins if you've got the tools and metal
  17. We do try. All saws get a good run and tune before being sent out 👍
  18. These saws always need a tune out of the box. They have the oiler set very high. For such a little saw, they seem to take the longest to pdi
  19. Stihl say M-tronic machines are good to E25. I can believe this as its standard fuel in Brazil where they have a factory and probably been tested. They even run E100 out there!
  20. It's a domestic range saw. Last I knew they are made in the USA anyway
  21. I've not seen this either. Definitely take it to your local dealer and get it looked at
  22. gand

    Cleaning ropes

    I chain linked mine and stuffed in a pillow case, then washed 30 on a slow spin. It always worked for me.
  23. Whoever told you to only use Ultra must of been trying to get you to spend more. Granted it's biodegradable and also has a fuel stabiliser mixed in. From my knowledge from Stihl, Super is fine to use in new saws. ( definitely wouldn't use HP ) As for keeping fuel I'd make sure it's used within a month of buying. I kept to that rule when I started 22 year's ago. As regards to my knowledge on the oil I'm going off what Stihl told me as a dealer.
  24. Husqvarna's back order list says April when I checked last week, although I wait with baited breath as they've been shocking with delivery dates


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