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  1. I was looking into this a couple of years back. I'm sure Myerscough did one at the time, it seemed to dissappear when covid hit and not return
  2. Glad they swapped it as they should of done. Shame a proper pdi wasn't done in the first place
  3. Was the box sealed? Was there any fuel or oil in it? If not they've not bothered to look at it. I wouldn't dream of sending a saw out unchecked. I might have a different opinion though after as I used to the one buying
  4. So do stihl recommend that dealers fuel and oil up each saw and run test it? Stihl say to check every machine is in a safe and running order. In this case the saw was being collected, so I would of been expecting to a saw fully assembled, fueled and oiled.
  5. I'm guessing they didn't pdi then! Every saw that goes out should be checked over for any running issues, if it's oiling, damage etc. I'd be checking if they actually register the warranty if simple checks can't be done. You'll be surprised how many machines don't get registered
  6. The E25 means it's safe to use it up to 25% ethanol as their M-tronic machines can. As far as I'm aware the stabiliser is to slow down the rate of deterioration of the fuel and parts, but Stihl don't recommend fuel older than 30 days
  7. Used them for at least six years before I stopped two years back. Never had a problem. Bolts supplied aswell which weren't a problem either.
  8. IMHO I'd use the super oil. It leaves a lower ash residue on the piston which can't be bad, and it's only a couple of quid more when you buy a litre. You could go for the ultra full synthetic, but it's expensive. It also has a fuel stabiliser in and gives even less ash content
  9. Can't say that I did. This works for me anyway. I've probably got 7 different pages that I can scroll through and open, then close it down and it's all there for the next time. Also useful when I'm half way through a thread
  10. I stop using the app ages ago and started with the mobile version, just keep a page open in your Web browser and it opens up to where you last left it. If it's on the unread posts page it automatically refreshes and gives you new posts and notifications
  11. Got 2 in stock. Message for price ๐Ÿ‘
  12. I think we've got a couple in stock at work. Give me a message tomorrow (just to remind me) and I'll give you a price ๐Ÿ‘
  13. Unfortunately travelling to Dorset next week and need to fill up. Might have to visit a few stations
  14. Ummmmmm, doesn't quite look the type to be doing big jobs of any type to me. Apart from filling up plastic petrol cans! ๐Ÿ˜†
  15. He might have a big job on ๐Ÿค”
  16. Didn't realise BP had done it. Only knew about this as there is a lot of their garages round here with being based in Blackburn. They seem to vary the brand of fuel depending on the station.
  17. The firm EG (Euro Garages) based up here have stations nationwide, have just announced a ยฃ30 limit. Could well pass onto Asda petrol stations aswell as the same people bought it from Walmart
  18. You'll be lucky. They give dates but can't stick to them and tend not to say when it's changed to
  19. Your alright pal, I'll stay stay behind my counter trying to flog you yet another saw! I'll message you tomorrow ๐Ÿ‘
  20. That's exactly what I was going to say. Every customer we have haggles on price when they are wanting to buy a machine. This is no different imo.
  21. So many people come in the shop wanting saws that have no clue, I'd rather not sell them one to be honest, but it's my job. I try to tell them as much info as possible in the short interaction I have with them. It's been mentioned a few times that we tell them more information than the first day of a course by some. I've had a few walk out because it was taking to long. They expected it just to come off the shelf and off they go, no pdi or anything. Just hand over the money. If they want that go to B&Q, Screwfix etc.
  22. Cheers for that. I wanted natural, but the other half and her dad insisted on treating it. Just need to find a compromise
  23. Can I ask if your using a wood preserve on the larch? Just had something built out of it and trying to decide what to use with minimal effort and to keep some original colours and grain. It rained earlier and turned a really nice shade, wondering if I could mimic that
  24. gand


    I remember coming back from college and went to a mates house, walk in and said this like odd film. As I said that the second tower got hit. Grim scenes!


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