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  1. Covering the North East of England, we can assist contractors, envirmental agencies, private/public services, home owners and other tree work companies etc in Arboricultural related work on a sub contract system. Tree felling, processing large or small amounts of brash, log/firewood processing, treestump removal and assistance to climbers requiring experienced and qualified ground staff. We have a large tracked Timberwolf woodchipper, large tipper wagon, Predator stump grinder, road towable 26 Ton log splitter and a large inventory of arb related equipment available. We cater for half/full day rates and our operators are fully qualified to NPTC/LANTRA standards. Fully insured, we take the stress out of completing your jobs on time and to the required standard. One operator or a tem available..Ring 07519-449392/0191-5282554...Timberline-Roe Ltd.
  2. Thanks for that..a great help. It just goes to show that if a person ( forecourt staff) reads something they automatically believe its the law. I suspect that even armed with all the latest legislation etc the staff would just simply stick to their supermarket policy. What I did find annoying was that they said it was the LAW re only 2 x 5lts containers-which we now know is incorrect..thanks chaps.
  3. leafcut


    Just in time for Crimbo too.
  4. Not sure about aspen either-probably the same regs as for petrol !!
  5. We're talking petrol..not diesel..in answer I would say that the supplier needs a storage licence-not sure about the derv !!
  6. The staff at My local Sainsburys are ok, they know me well enough and I do like to add to my Nectar points. I dont want to have to fill up at another garage. The staff although appearing on the ball, are not, and although they have quoted the Petroleum Regulations and state that there are signs up stating only two containers can be filled at any one time, this appears wrong !!
  7. You are right, as a condition on their licence they are not limited to 10 litres only at each individual purchase. But I need to know which legislation, that is written in clear English as to the maximum amount of petrol one may purchase ?
  8. Having "again" had the pump turned off at the local Sainsburys forecourt-staff checking to see how many containers I was filling. I think its about time this matter was made clear to all and sundry. I was informed that I was only allowed to fill two containers each with a maximum of 5 litres. However; new legislation states that a maximum of thirty litres may be drawn at any one time using the appropriate containers-unless I have mis-interpreted this !. We use Husky & Stihl combi containers, often we need more than 10 litres of fuel as we may be miles away from a garage and we all know how much fuel large saws go through when your processing tons of trees, bucking etc. Can anyone clarify the situation ? pinpoint the specific latest regulations regarding this. Further, the use is for treework/Arboriculture and is required as "business use" not private. I would prefer not to jump through the hoops and have a storage/transportation licence etc..this could prove interesting..thanks...Nick.
  9. Arborisk-decent rates and no fuss. Forget Adrian Flux-robbing Bas****s, made a right song and dance when my quad & KTM were stolen.
  10. Looks like it has a trailer hitch square attachment setup-would love to see the Farmer/arb setup.
  11. Appreciated Bob, it will only be for occasional use, ie getting the chipper out of the sh*t, and pulling over the odd tree and piles of brush, so I think lecky will be the way to go. Any reccomendations re winches to fit a Timberwolf 150 tracked chipper, allowing for the 1 ton weight of the chipper itself..I was thinking around the 4 ton pulling capacity !
  12. Further to my last, apparently the hydraulics on the Timberwolf 150 wont be sufficient for winch use and electric would be the way to go. Also I have been informed that the winch location would be better fitted at the operators end ie near to the rubber buffer below the controls, this appears valid as imagine trying to winch the chipper uphill-the cable would interfere with the infeed etc.
  13. I have read elsewhere that a hydraulic winch is far superiour than an electric one, any views on this ?..thanks Scott.
  14. Not sure where to put this. Im considering installing a winch to our Timberwolf chipper-just to add to its diversity and for ease of use etc. Does anyone know a supplier of this type of winch, any photographs or links would be appreciated...Nick Pearsaon, Timberline-Roe Ltd.


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