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  1. hi there, is there anyone that would be able to take over from me in Shannon, co. clare? its for a few weeks full time then a few days a week after that, if anyone needs the work its there, the lads are sound, I just started back after I had an accident a few months ago and I cant shake it off, my head just isn't right in the tree anymore so was hoping someone could dig us out.. call nev on 0857305645 cheers
  2. can someone point me in the direction of this video? cant seem to find this other thread either!
  3. Does anyone know a good way to make a retrievable redirect with one of those isc re-direct pulleys? I have one and tried to figure out a way of using it for a bit but gave up and just went back to a biner!
  4. I have a husky bar, its perfect for it in the tree, i find it grand for hammering in wedges, i know a lad though that welded a bit extra on the back to help a bit, but i have no problem with it as standard:)
  5. nifty

    What harness?

    treemotion wins hands down for me, the comfort from the back support is unreal, if your man bits are getting squashed you can adjust it so they aren't being squashed! i used to work with a lad that had a weever harness, used to wear it from time to time, used to always think why the f*ck did i put this feckin thing on! .. only thing is it takes a while to get it set up just right:)
  6. No swivel bud, just the rings on my bridge, my workmate had trouble with his swivel causing twisting alright, between his swivel and his pulley saver there just seemed to appear all these knots!
  7. Thanks for all the replies lads, been using a small vt on 8mm beeline, I'll switch back to a knut today, should hopefully help it a bit, and I'll continue to milk the s**t outta it!!:)
  8. running it through a multi saver, ring to ring jobbie, what were you using before/after? i'm thinking of getting a rope guide soon:)
  9. its awesome rope, jsut havin a ball ache getting the twists out of it but thats on a doubled rope, probably not such an issue on single line...tried my hitch hiker on it a couple of weeks ago and it worked like a dream:)
  10. i would say bud that you took just the right amount off, think you should take as little as you can get away with off a beech, don't like being hit hard the ol' beech's:)
  11. hi there lads and lasses, anyone here have cougar blue rope? i just got some from treestuff i've been using the last 2 weeks, its brilliant, never thought there could be such a difference in a rope:) but its really twisty, like really really twisty! i've never seen a rope this twisty kinda twisty! anyone found the same? i've been milking it after every tree and milked it a few times this evening then left it in a tree at full stretch to try see if i can get the twisty memory out of it, anyone else got any suggestions? its that bad that when decending it gets stuck in my hitch and has been a total PITA to undo sometimes!,, am i just gonna have to keep goin till i get her straight?! N
  12. I had a 7m one that got stolen, i loved it but wouldn't get one again, never used the thimble, i have 7m of velocity now with a positioner which is fantastic, i havea small hip bag for the tail, the only thing i miss is having a splice, fishermans knot gets stuck sometimes pulling through, ball ache!
  13. Works lovely on a double rope, i used to have a croll with a prusic made into a footloop at knee height, a piece of elastic off my treemotion clipped on above my splice using a tibloc, if you have the stuff already its really straightforward to put together and works the finest:)
  14. lookin forward to seeing it tommy:) i should probably pull the finger out and have another crack at it myself!


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