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  1. Help with 560!

    Cheers for your help guys.. Appreciate it.. It's going back to the supplier for a second time so they should sort it!
  2. Help with 560!

    The shop we got it from had run it in already.. So if the auto tune isn't set up properly how do I go about sorting it.. Is it something I can do myself or into a work shop?
  3. Help with 560!

    It just keeps stalling and the power isn't really there and it is less than a month old so have a right mind to take it back but was just wondering if anyone has had any trouble.. Cheers for the help I will have a look!
  4. Help with 560!

    Hope someone can help.. I have got a husqvarna 560 and it is running like a bag of nails.. Took it to a work shop and they say it is the oil we use in our fuel which is stihl and that we should be using only husqvarna 2 stroke oil.. Was just wondering if anyone else has had any trouble?
  5. Came across this on youtube

    Ohhhh dear!!
  6. Problems with the new stihl ms 201 t

    No my 201t looses so much power when cutting.. I had trouble from the word go because my spring kept falling off inside the the handle and kept blocking the choke so I couldn't actually get it started!! The only thing I think they r good for is how long a tank of fuel lasts!
  7. Large Fir tree dismantle using a speedline

    Sweet video mate!
  8. Connifer Take Down

    From the album Few tree pics!

  9. Few tree pics!

    A couple of pics of me taking down a connifer!
  10. Connifer Take Down

    From the album Few tree pics!

  11. Connifer Take Down

    From the album Few tree pics!

  12. Hey guys.. My names is James and I am a fellow tree surgeon.. Look forward to reading the forums and learning more about the industry!

  13. New At This!

    Cheers wolfman, I work for a firm called bee ltd trees! It's my dads company there is me and my brother and 1 other who make up the team we mainly do cutting round the power lines but do undertake private work aswell!
  14. New At This!

    I work around the power lines in the Cambridge area plus do private work aswell!
  15. New At This!

    Im new to forums.. A few mates told me about this so thought I would give it a go!


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