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  1. Hi rich that’s correct we worked together in Norway by the way 😉
  2. I’ve just bought one. Only had picked it up last Wednesday (ordered early November) but so far so good 💪
  3. Can you clarify what you mean by panther bar chain combo? As I have the standard with a 12inch bar but not a fan of the micro chain (am a fan of the saw itself )
  4. I’m in Australia I think it’s 230v mains im only at this stage planning on running 2 of the husky 200 battery. I see what you mean about the exterior socket that would have been a good idea except the fridge is a bushman one which only runs on 12/24v. My old Engel runs off mains as well but I’m swapping to the bushman as it is front door opening instead of on top of the fridge. Makes it easier to get to everything thanks for your help
  5. Well there’s roughly 90-120mins driving I do a day and also when I’m home I plug the Ute into a mains charger via an Anderson plug in the rear bumper. I do this because I have a fridge in the canopy so if I don’t drive for a few days it’s not a problem. I just would rather charge in the vehicle so it’s not more things to take out overnight and then forget the next day
  6. It will be wired in to a 180ah agm second battery so it can charge even with the engine off. The vehicle I’m getting is going to have a custom made canopy with a 1000w inverter
  7. I’ve also seen husqvarna sell a 12v charger would it just be better to get that? BUY ONLINE NOW! :: Batteries & Chargers :: QC80F IN CAR BATTERY CHARGER - Husqvarna AU - online shop PROMO.HUSQVARNA.COM A compact Husqvarna battery charger with 12V-socket For safe and efficient in-car charging of Li-ion BLi batteries
  8. Thanks for the reply. I haven’t got my set up yet but I think I’ll be getting this charger BUY ONLINE NOW! :: Batteries & Chargers :: QC500 BATTERY CHARGER - Husqvarna AU - online shop PROMO.HUSQVARNA.COM The QC500 Battery Charger is optimised for fast charging of BLi batteries including backpack batteries 500W output with... and hoping to charge off a 1000w inverter
  9. As in the title really does anyone know how many watts are needed for an inverter to charge husky batteries off 12v? cheere
  10. Neither country is letting foreigners in for the foreseeable, due to covid. At least until the end of the year I think they have stated but depends on potential vaccine etc. Worth bearing in mind
  11. I own both. Albeit in different countries. The 500i is noticeably lighter. Almost the same power. Unless you are doing a lot of big timber id go the 500. Much better all round saw
  12. Yeh mate, how are you going? Iv moved down to near Tønsberg now! Still freelancing in Oslo most days though
  13. I have a Cert III in arboriculture from Melbourne, & now Im living in Norway Its been suggested I should do ETW. Don't think Im going to bother though, when very few people here have it anyway & what I hold is a similar level of qualification just under a different name & from a warmer place with bigger trees!


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