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  1. It needs to be milled soon after retrieving to minimise star shakes..... If it starts to dry in the round you will lose a lot. Mill as normal but sticker with 10-15mm thick sticks and air dry somewhere sheltered, preferably inside to lower air flow and thus slow drying. It can be delicate and temperamental stuff
  2. I have reclaimed 100 year old plus in those Thicknesses or I can mill to spec... Problem is that I am in Croatia so unless you needed a couple of cubic metres or more is isn't really viable with transport costs.
  3. Can't help with your decision but I would be interested in the Trak Met if you decide to sell.... Let me know ☺️
  4. Hey guys After a bit of advice if I may..... I'm close to buying a 4 sided planer/moulder. I have a good deal on a SCM Compact XL with Tersa blocks and was pretty set on it until I got offered a used Logosol PH360 by one of my clients in Germany. Does anyone have one or has used one? They look great little machines and I know there may be a little timber prep work needed before puting timber through due to the lack of decent sized and solid infeed table but the larger capacity appeals to me. They also look a lot easier to set up and maintain. They also use spindle blocks on the side cutters (Of which I have loads) and have the option of putting moulding cutters in the top and bottom blocks. My concern is that the machine will not be accurate or tough enough compared to a traditional 4 sider. I work with reclaimed Oak, Chestnut and Elm.... all of which can be very hard and heavy. I produce everything from PAR timbers to finished flooring and mouldings. So any advice on either machine or any thoughts from you guys in the know? I was set on the SCM but now i'm torn......
  5. 30 degrees and clear blue sky over here in Croatia..... if it makes you all feel any better
  6. Hi all I am looking for a Honda HRD 535 grass box and frame. Just wondering if anyone has an old functional one they would be willing to part with? Or know where to get one cheaper than from official Honda dealers? They are silly expensive new. Thanks
  7. Stompy

    Elm gate post

    Isn't 'Bog Oak' a generic term for all timbers sourced from the ground or rivers..... doesn't actually have to be Oak??
  8. Yep, would love a diesel /petrol powered model, makes more sense but more costly to run. To be honest I need a generator to run some bigger equipment and a 40 - 60 kw generator can be had for under 2 grand second hand.... Still a lot of money but the only option. Still you can't get a sawmill better for the money it seems, even with the cost of a generator bundled on.
  9. Email sent mate Thanks again J, great info. I can't really afford the Hydraulics as I will need to factor in a generator to power it as my supply is on 17kw here. I would also like a dedicated forklift for the mill and all its operations. In my mind the beams and slabs we remill are so small that the handling is all done by hand and is mainly loading and unloading the bed. I can't justify the hydraulics for the little use they will get. Maybe hydraulic clamps might be a good idea. I think I will run TCT bands as well. That should put less strain on the motor and give better tracking and cut finish. Lots to think about..... I would also like a Slidetec circular mill to run along side. We supply both circular and bandsaw cut boards so need both really. Our old Robinson rip saw does the job but lots of handling. Cheers again for the advice mate
  10. I've got the price list on my e mail if you would like it. No VAT if you are VAT registered which is a bonus and makes a huge difference. The joys of the EU (for all you EU haters )
  11. Cheers for that J, just what I wanted to hear. There isn't much else that I have seen that comes even close to the specs for the money. I just wanted a bit of reassurance that there wasn't a reason it was so much cheaper. As I said not too fussed about the hydraulics. For now we only handle reclaimed timbers that are fairly small in comparison to logs so the extra 6000 euros on Hydraulics could be better spent on other toys. I do think that I may go for the 800, just the standard model for now.... makes sense while I am spunking cash, may as well go all in. Does the 800 have the board drag back as standard or is it an extra? Thanks again for the advice mate, much appreciated.
  12. So Big J.....any updates and feedback on the mill? Interested to hear your thoughts after a few months with it.. I'm just planning a trip up to Trek Met HQ to order a mill. Looking at the TTP 600 premium plus. Not sure it is worth chucking an extra 1500 euros at it to go to the TTP 800 and only gain 10mm band width and 3 kw in power. I only really resaw reclaimed Oak, Elm and Chestnut.... Nothing over 400mm width so figured the 600 with a 50mm band would do the job well enough?
  13. Thanks very much mate it is a truely beautiful place, great people, fresh air and space to breath. Hard work though but well worth it. Looks like it's the 066 then...... I'm gonna go take a look on Tuesday so If all is well then I'll have a new toy in the collection. If anyone wants a couple of Stihl 070's let me know
  14. Thanks for the replies and info guys. Looks like the 066 is the way to go then. Anything problem wise to look out for on this model apart from the general condition and workings?
  15. Yep. Have another in better cosmetic condition that will go on when the other sells. Both a great saws and do what we need they are just a little heavy for all day use and I really don't like the lads using them. I read the 066 cut a little faster but had added weight. Is the extra actually noticeable??


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