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  1. Iveco with 027 hiab and grab weight??

    Cheers josh that's what I thought! I'm looking to set up a small business in waste removal and for soil, hardcore etc a small grab would be perfect but all the ones I see are just to heavy! I dont need it to lift a tonne just a couple if wheelbarrow's full each grab would be plenty so surely there must be something out there that's not far to over matched for the truck!??
  2. Iveco with 027 hiab and grab weight??

    Yes would help if I said daily lol are they that bad??
  3. Anyone know what they weigh empty?? Been looking at buying one with a full alloy back but the guy says he doesn't know the weight of it empty even tho he has done scrap in it for last for years lol think I know why he don't want to tell me tbh!
  4. difference between tifor TU and T5??

    Thank you martyn
  5. Was browsing ebay couple of weeks back and a tirfor tu16 was on with a steel drum attached to it for the rope and after a couple of bids I won it for £82! My mate asked me the difference between the two when they both lift the same weight and I honestly couldn't think what it is! Anyone know?? Here's the winch, it's great having the drum on it to keep it all the excess wire nice and tidy and its alot easier to store and get out when needed!
  6. Tirfor shear pins change?

    Thanks all. It was the easiest job ever lol mine does have the handle exposed so just tapped old one out and new one straight in
  7. Tirfor shear pins change?

    Shear pins went in my Tirfor t516 other day and got some new pins from FR Jones (thanks for speedy service ) and going to replace later. Never done it before tho so a simple question here of how to do it? Is it simply knock the old bits out and bang the new one in or is there a any little tricks to it? Thanks in advane
  8. thieves

    Any link's to a donation page??
  9. <p>Hi Stewie, I would be interested in buying your kit, where u based and what u looking for cash wise, cheers Dan</p>

  10. think hoarding is becoming the best answer lol
  11. thieves

    Wow!! I cant believe this was over 5 yrs ago it seem's so much less than that!! I was sorting through my lock up today and found the rope robD sent me and the lanyard mark Bolam sent me! That got me thinking of this thread and how much you guys helped me out back then! Does this site sponsor any specific charity at all?? If so I'll gladly donate a few quid to say thanks all these years later! Man its scary how time flies!!!!
  12. At the end of the day this is the truth and why we all get out of bed in the morning
  13. Wise words PS don't dare slag berlingos off in my presence
  14. Cheers all some good replies! Hoarding is definitely an issue with me as well lol its the feeling of "if I sell it I'll know I'll need it" that gets me! Like Shane says above at most for the lot I'd be lucky to get 2k but I know they have all been well looked after and serviced (since ive owned them!) I went down the lock up earlier, fired them all up and everything apart from my hl-75's ran perfect. I took them up to my mate to see what's up and he basically said if you ain't using them sell them cause it's an expensive thing to have sat doing nothing! On the 1k a week it was just an example and tbh I only worked with myself and two other lads so not the biggest company ever but even having them on £70 a day adds up and you do worry about them letting them down if work drys up! Also it was only smaller trees and hedges, strimming etc more than massive takedown's lol I worked in Sweden and over here for "proper" arb company's and have seen the money that can be made with the right contracts etc but that's a whole different level to me! Also (this won't go down well on here lol) the price of scrap metal falling down never helped me! Running a business and a truck was much easier when I could do the odd few jobs for my mate who owns his own scrap yard and make a few extra quid but now he has to fetch it himself as its not worth paying anyone! It was a handy side line as was reclaimed materials but even that don't seem to come across as much now! Sorry for rambling on anyway, I'm in the pub with my old man for few beers and a mixed grill lol thanks all for replying


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