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  1. Freelance available for work in the North West. St Helens based. Own tools, ropes, PPE and transport. 07970 470 357 Cheers - Mike
  2. bloody fairys, if you ever get scared again, just give me a call
  3. cheers rob, was looking at that one too and is half the price. i have a straight blade gomtaro at the moment but its seen better days. while were on the subject is there anywhere that sharpens them? or is it just a case of buying a new blade when its goosed?
  4. was browsing the web for a nice new, and larger silky, as i like to avoid aeriel chainsaw work where possible, when i came across the KATANABOY, a 50cm blade folding saw. I was just wondering if anyone owned or ever used one? is it as mental as it looks? is it any use up the tree or is it too big to climb with effectively? Any advice would be appreciated on this, because at approx £140 the last thing i want to do is buy something not fit for purpose.
  5. i doubt i have the experience for a supervisory role, but would be very interested in being part of the gang, depending on the finer details of course. i have cs 30/31 38 39. driving license but '98 im afraid.
  6. Reading if anywhere. went last year and it was excellent. got better chance of good weather and theres loads of veriety. atmosphere and people were awesome.
  7. ive just seen a job on the arbtalk page on facebook near your way, might be worth a look. think it might be a shop though?
  8. it can be tricky because a lot of the time the source of the waters entry is not where the signs of damp settle, but if you can locate the point of the leak, then any sealant, silicone stuff will do the job, looks messy but will keep the water out. a while ago someone i know bought one of those coleman canopy, gazebo type things and permanently erected it over his van, he swears by it, reckons the van doesnt even get rained on let alone leak, apart from in heavy winds, when he has to chase it round the park in his y-fronts. i think they are about 120 quid. If you dont mind me asking, where do you live full time in a caravan? ive been looking into this, but site fees are like a mortgage and i'm not sure where to start looking elsewhere, so any tips on that front would be appreciated. thanks mate.
  9. does anyone have any land available for me to store my caravan for a small fee, or in exchange for a bit of labour? ideally as near to st.helens as possible. need to get the bugger off the drive. thanks folks.
  10. <p>hello rick, my name is Mike, i live near haydock so im only a quick drive up motorway. I have 30, 31, 38, 39, a couple of saws, climbing gear, and own ppe. very interested in this position. If you could put your number up i will give you a call, or alternatively my contact details are <a href="mailto:" rel="">[email protected]</a> 07970470357. Thanks</p>

  11. sorry forgot to include my email, i'll send phone numbers privately after.


    [email protected]



  12. hi milly this job might be just what i need, would just like a chat to discuss some finer details. I have 30,31,32,38,39, ropes, saws and PPE. i love working outside no matter what the weather and fancy a change of scene. Do you have a phone number I can reach you on, or an email address, i find arbtalk a bit clunky for conversation. thanks milly, hope to hear from you soon. Mike

  13. just a few questions joe. where, when, for how long, hours, and of course, how much £. thanks.


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