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  1. Cheers Mark, I honestly didn't think I'd have an issue finding anything with enough space, I thought there should be loads of barns or sheds lying empty but as I've come to learn they seem to be far and few between in this neck of the woods.
  2. Cheers Jon, I just need to rent for now.
  3. I'm getting desperate here gents, anyone in Kent know of a yard or industrial workshop around?
  4. Queensland prices

    Yip, bloody expensive in oz. I worked for a place where I was on 30 dollars an hour starting rate, I regularly did a minimum of 12 hours a day everyday. We had three teams, put that in terms of just staff costs a week not including other overheads and it makes your eyes water. Everyday was a massive takedown, just one after another, the "fun" factor wore off real quick!
  5. Queensland prices

    The average pay for personnel out there is about 25 to 35 dollars an hour depending on experience. I can't give you numbers on the rest but I can say they do charge a fair bit more than we do here. He should make sure he gets arborists and not tree loppers.
  6. What type of MEWP and why?

    Looks interesting, that's the sort of job which make arb work a good day out.
  7. Rates

    Bang on description of a good groundie in my book.
  8. What type of MEWP and why?

    What was the job here? Good ol size tree.
  9. What type of MEWP and why?

    I've looked at that one too, you do have to wonder what the boom hours are if it has 300k on the clock? It's actually just bait for that site as it's sold, I was tempted too and made the call just to get the old "we have other stock" story.
  10. What type of MEWP and why?

    I've done work o a bank from a 30m spider and it was a bloody horrible day, that thing puckered my bum hole all day. The 70m Mercedes machines are a pretty penny, but man they are a pleasure to drive and use.
  11. Yew stick

    They going to build a smaller version with the timber from the stick.
  12. What type of MEWP and why?

    In my experience using the 70m+ truck mounted mewps day in and day out, I'd say the ones which are articulated with reach over 10 to 20 metres, similar to the spider lift just on a bigger scale. That articulation allows you to get into the top of the canopy or over a limb etc, it allows the mewp base to be a good distance away from the base of the tree and or canopy and allows for more work with less having to responsibility so often. That green mewp of yours looks like a damn decent piece of kit. On a side note for you Neil, have you ever found that you had to hire in a mewp because your mewp wasn't up to the job for whatever reason?
  13. As the title goes, if anyone knows of anything going I'd appreciate any information.
  14. Yew stick

    That is going to make something lovely in the right hands.
  15. Stopped by VOSA



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