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  1. Does anyone know a rough guide price as to what price range per meter it might cost to get stock proof fencing put up? ie 3-4 feet high sheep fence with a strand of barbed wire above it to keep farm stock from the adjacent field getting into woodland. For roughly 500 metres of fence on stony ground. Thanks
  2. Hi, I have heard it said not to coppice ash, as it gives a greater chance of "letting Chalara F/dieback in". Does anyone know what the best advice is on this? I am currently restoring overstood ancient semi natural woodland mixed coppice in S Gloucestershire and in the light of this advice am not sure whether to let the ash stumps regenerate (which they are vigorously trying to do), or whether to kill them and let the new ash seedlings take over. Any comments gratefully received. Cheers
  3. Anyone got any experience in squirrel trapping using live cage traps with a treadle? I was successful to start with, now they seem to be able to take the bait without activating the trap (so presumably without putting weight on the treadle). I place the bait beyond the treadle.
  4. Anyone know of anywhere in the UK that sells log skidding cones? (these are plastic/steel cones which go over the front of the log when it is being dragged, and make it easier to pull over obstacles etc). I am aware of them in the USA/Canada, but they are too difficult to import.
  5. Hi, Has anyone had any experience of the rail level adjuster screws vibrating loose during operation using the Alaskan 9' EZ first cut rails? I tried using these rails for the first time, and although they were set up correctly when I started the cut, the adjusters moved considerably when I was sawing, resulting in some very crooked lumber! Any tips as to how to overcome this?
  6. Hi, I have some 6ft high high tensile plastic deer fencing that I put in recently to protect some natural regeneration. The fence overlaps the ground by a foot and is staked down. The fencing is starting to get eaten away at ground level in small areas (just a single mesh strand at a time) down two sides of the coupe, and it will eventually make a big hole. Any idea what animal might do this and how to protect it? - I have not seen any rabbits in the wood, and I would have thought badgers would burrow under?


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