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  1. O Boy a tree hugger...Take a trip to Quebec. Yes I was impressed with this tree when I moved in 30 years ago...Every time you turn in to the Estate you see this wonderful tree and you think Wow...but now well I hoping its just still in the semi upright position
  2. What sort of damage will this tree do when it falls across their A6 AUDI and convertable MERC.?.I very much doubt the damage would be reparable. As luck has it, I live close to Gatwick, I be on the next plane out of here!
  3. Most of that went way over my head...Give me some home work...But I think Lee Winger has a point and now I know a man that can.
  4. WOW Good idea mate... Never heard of this tests ,,,some sort of radar instrument? This test result might just be the tool to present to the TO in order to produce the decesion I want him to make. He won't come out so take the "mountain to Allar!"
  5. A reduction may be what the Tree Officer will recommend. I hope to ensure that he does no such thing because the problem, as I see it, is simply deferred to a later date. I have to him no quarter on this, ie he comes up with my preferred option without ado. I do not agree with your idea of replacing it with another Scots pine which I believe is valueless and only becomes interesting/impressive at the age this one is now. How about and ornamental cherry?
  6. Points taken...I agree and understand. The main worry is the damage or worse to the neighbours. If someone gets killed it will be on my head.
  7. You sound like the sort of bloke I need to do the job..
  8. Sorry mate I have to reply to this one...aesthetics Well what do you mean by this..Yes its impressive..I am the first to admit that...same as the Empire estate building..Generally people dont look up a bit like deers really.. and the only way to see this tree (apart from the trunk) is to look up...GREEN wise ie CO2 its not doing alot on account of the few stubby branches it has currently left on it...CO2 being produced in the leaf..Leafy mini trees....that's wot we need... These trees where around before the housing estate was built so they are completely out of scale and in positions that you would not normally plant. So what is wrong with felling the lot and putting in designer mini trees?
  9. GOOD ADVICE... bit dangerous ladders unless you can tie them down..
  10. EXactly my point mate you are spot on.>> This is a poll of peoples personal opinion usually from their own personal experience...It also has the public view/stance who have to go through planning...It is becoming clear that from the results that we all seem to be in the same boat with these tree restrictions and sadly around here they seriously would rather a few motorists died first before lobbing a few branches...With regards to actually cutting the tree down its a matter of safety, type of equipement, preparedness and the speed you want to run your life. If I was a tree surgeon I would not want to cut this monster down and also have in the back of my head the thought that.... I have got to get 30 miles up the road to do another..
  11. EXcuse my ignorance at your terms...metrics.??? I am a Landsurveyor...I just stuck up the EDM Totalstation Theodolite ..Or what ever you call it nowadays.. and shot a few points..It records X Y and Z data so its realatively easy to work out the height... To be more accurate I should have set up some 200 metres further back but I live in a housing estate... so not enough room....They should design mini trees for places like this.?!? REDUCTION.... I am not sure you grasp the concept of this tree. A Scots Pine (mature) has all or most of its branches at one level...THE TOP.. REDUCTION would produce a very bizzare looking stump some 50 to 60 ft high... That should make the local paper for sure!!
  12. As suggested I will follow the application with a letter of intent and give and extra week or so after that...this is a tactic used on us when they are after the council tax (which is a bomb around here) I hear The Office needs painting gold leaf again!...but I can't wait eight weeks...They took over three months (RAISE CROWN) on the neighbouring lawsonia...we had branches slapping us in the face everytime we opened the lounge windows.
  13. The Tree Man has a bad knee and is off sick. I spoke to his assistant ... She suggested cutting a few branches off inbetween time. ... I am not sure if she knows what a mature Scots Pine looks like?? I have an extremely long ladder that is ideal for doing the gutters... I put it against one side of the trunk .... it looked like a toy ladder you see in the public library along side this monster.... I worked out I would need a ladder two and half times longer to get to the first branch... Bless her pension. I hope the attached plans give you a better impression. Pink lines are buildings at ground and eaves. Blue line drive way to grass.


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