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  1. Many Canadian Arbs on here? i'm planning a trip across Canada and would be good to meet up with some guys in the arb game Cheers
  2. that track machine is some awesome bit of kit! how about something a bit smaller on that system, like a 75xp?
  3. Anyone know where i can hire a Bandit chipper? either 6" or 8"? Thanks Tim
  4. there is only one sensible option here if you stop and think about it properly.. if you vote labour you basically vote for a labour & snp coalition cos they won't get a majority, with Milliband as a prime minister and with the threat of breaking up the UK... i'd rather let a primary child run the country.. you might be tempted by some of ukips polices but they are never going to get a majority so you are basically helping the labour cause if you vote ukip by taking votes from the Tories... be sensible... Tories are the only party who will be ANY good for getting this country we love out of the s*#t labour put us in, and although not perfect by a long way they have done this country good. don't waste your vote by voting for anyone else... we need a strong country and if we stick at it we'll get there...
  5. Jon ran after the boss of a man driving a green van and asked him what he was doing. the boss said thanks Jon
  6. As PeteB said... don't do anything until you have checked the serial number, could be stolen...
  7. Great - thanks for the responses, i'll give them a go!
  8. Hello all - i'm new to this forum and relatively new to the industry. what are the recommendations from you guys with experience for the best gear to wear for keeping warm in the winter yet still being able to move and access your harness etc? I'm thinking of trying base layers but don't really have any experience if they are effective or not. any recommendations? Thanks


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